Low Budget is always better than big budget corporation sponsored brain rot.

The Multinational Corporations are foisting a massive sea of ignorance that now engulfs us in a tidal wave of putrid pap. The profits enrich a few and a generation of benumbed cannon fodder flock to the special effects extravaganzas.

As the budgets are cut for education across this decaying land the minds and very souls of the young are bludgeoned into insensibility by the horror of loud jerks like Robin Williams and Jim Cary, the vapid mush of Disney, and the empty explosion riddled action epics .

Simple ZONTAR truths:

Any film produced by the Wondrous poverty Row studios of yesteryear is in every way superior to the festering tripe that passes for entertainment these days.

Mantan pic MANTAN MORELAND is better than all of the so called comics that have ever appeared on Saturday night live combined.