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Published sporadically since 1981. Now you can get the only Magazine from Venus here on earth.

Here's what the "experts" say:

"Insightful, well researched and funny".... Michael Weldon ..Psychotronic Magazine.

"Easily the most fun to read."......
Film Comment.

"Get down on your knees, puny mortals, before the glory and terror that is ZONTAR. By far the greatest publication listed hear in. "
Rev. Ivan Stang...High Weirdness by Mail


(8 1/2 x 14, 46 pgs.) The only example of the early style, early 1980's issues still in print. Historic LARRY BUCHANAN overview by Greg Goodsell. BUCHANAN's amazing It's Alive. The Mummy. Interview with ELVIS. Remembering the late slease house in the heart of Boston-The Publix. JOHN AGAR... and much more Still Only..$6.00

ZONTAR #7 (1989)

(8 1/2 x 11, 64 pgs.) The so-called ALL NIXON ISSUE. Years before Oliver Stone was able to spend millions to bring his paranoid fantasy to the public, we whispered the truth into the wind with this complex and some times challenging exposé of NIXON, Kissinger, STALIN, and other icons of evil. Also: Doctors-it's them or us. Cult TV (Early cable horrors), The true history of the unbelievable election of 1840. ELVIS speaks, The start of our reprinting of Ed Wood's novel"Drag Trade" and more...still only $8.00

ZONTAR #8 (1989)

(8 1/2 x 11 68 pgs.) BAD-FILM THEORY issue. The best intro into the world o' ZONTAR. ZONTARIAN AESTHETICS, Sacred Cinema Classics. The most full LARRY BUCHANAN interview/article in the known universe by IVAN STANG. Twisted Brain. The Rubber.. And more........Still Only $8.00


(8 1/2 x 11 50 pgs.) The NEW WORLD ORDER issue. The BAD-TRUTH about the Gulf War. Our Jingoistic Heritage. Yellow Ribbonism: symbol of shame. Michael Medved-Golden Turkey or neo-fascist ? The great BAD-FILM debate. Shirly Temple's Black secret. Faith Healing Russian style. Clarence Thomas-ultra right wing extremist. And much more.. Still only $6.00


(8 ´ X 5 1/2, 56 pgs.) The most mythic and SUB-GENIUS like of our pubs. Historic raw transcription of the LARRY BUCHANAN interview by Rev. Ivan Stang. The before it's time BRADY BUNCH dissection by Chris Magson. The search for BOZANTIUM, Your Woeful Destiny, TV KIDDIE SHOW HOSTS, Two films you'll likely never see, Armchair Anarchist and more,,, Still only $5.00



(8 ´ x 11, 24 pgs) BOB TILTON, NIXON TV Movie, weird Scientology propaganda flick, The evil truth about Joseph Campbell and the new age, WILD MAN FISHER, The Shaggs, BOB DOBBS tales unavailable elsewhare, The Silver Chalice, UNARIUS the other outer space cult, Ed Wood's Drag Trade reprint #2, and more Still only $5.00


(8 ´ x 11, 26 PGS.) Shucking the Rubes (Crristian Media Hucksters) Confessions of a cult TV ADDICT ( Great early overview of Cable TV horrors), TAMMY FAYE BAKKER'S Post downfall rant, The Clown by Jeffrey Holland, BOZO by JJ Kennedy, Ed Wood"s tage trade #3, and more still only $4.00


(8 ´ x 11, 34 PGS.) Otto Preminger's 1968 Anti-Masterpiece SKIDOO--Jackie Gleason takes LSD and sees Groucho Marx in his lst film as GOD. (No kidding) See how O. Stone ripped off LARRY BUCHANAN many times, See Amazing SEX and Violence Comic Books from Italy and Colombia, Confessions of a Beverly Hills Dial-A-Psychic, (a strange but true story), Bad Truth in the Motherland-the untold story of the last days of the Soviet Union, A review of FORGIVEN: THE RISE AND FALL OF JIM AND TAMMY BAKKER and the PTL ministry, more Ed Wood reprints, much more ... Still Only $4.00


(8 ´ x 11, 32 PGS.) DARKMAN bt Rev. Ivan Stang, (a Sub-Genius manifesto as a movie review) LARRY BUCHANAN'S The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald-a 1964 film remade two times, The Hate Break, The Evil Truth about H. Ross Perot, NIXON, And other scum, Pat the rat Robertson and the evil new world order, Rutger Hauer, The Bob tilton fan club (later snake oil)


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