You are now in direct contact with
RidderRadio, the radiation station to get rid
of your mind. For quite some time now we
are experi- menting with live shows on real
audio. But they are not really shows, but
somebody sitting behind his or her laptop
talking to you. You can talk back thru your
keyboard, or by phone and establish a
personal contact that way. It's not like radio
as we know it. It is much more intimite, cosy,
close and confronting. You type something
and the voice responds. Sometimes you
can see her/him /them on a webcam image
to make the contact even closer. The most
important aspect of Ridder Radio is the
content. The Living Content. It is not just
chatting and hanging around, but the
possiblity to make friends and go deep into
life itself. Old fashioned radio is one way
traffic. The boss talks, you better listen. Even
Talk Radio is mostly very authoritarian. You
better behave (misbehave) or you get
spanked. Our listeners have become
friends and come back all the time. Slowly
but surely more and more friends are
discovering this little corner of the world
were we support each other onconditio-
nally. You're perfect. Welcome.
Willem de Ridder is world famous in The
Netherlands. A place on the earth that used
to be a country, but now is actually one big
city, with many well tended parcs in between
the different neighbourhoods. In fact it is one
big theme parc (like Disney Land).
Disney-organisation (who invented children)
is now also building entire cities where you
can (gulp) 'live'. The Nethercity is just like
that. It is one of the biggest and richest cities
in the world, because everybody here is
going Dutch. Dutch Uncles live here. In fact
this place is Double Dutch. The first words a
Dutch Baby utters are 'It's too expensive'.
The atmosphere is very liberal here.
Nethers rather make money than waste
money defending morals. When something
is forbidden somewhere, it usually means
big business for the Nethers. They're also
great story tellers, and Willem de Ridder is
the master story teller of this city. He just
came back from Copenhagen Danmark
were he talked with his friend Andrew
McKenzie (of the Hafler Trio). Together they
will start te producce a new series of radio
plays that you will be able to download thru
MP3 in the near future. Right now you can
listen to some english language radio plays
in real audio that were transmitted by
college stations in Canada, USA and
Australia many years ago. That (now
legendary) series of radio plays was called
The All Chemix Radio Series. Our new
series will be sent to college stations again,
but can be enjoyed on this Ridder Radio
with special images that will enhance the
hypnotic quality of the improvised plays.
They eventually will be published on CD
For more than a year the very first weekly
try-out salon of Ridder Radio has been
transmitted on Fridays from 19.00 to 22.00
o'clock PM (Amsterdam time)just to find out
how internet radio works. Every week
several guests and friends drop in to talk
with you and with each other. Sometimes
the chaos is complete, but there is always a
great spirit. Many listeners have become
intimate friends. Now RidderRadio is
expanding slowly but surely. Every Sunday
from 17.00 to 18.30 o'clock PM (middle
European time) Willem and Clary talk with
you. If you enter the chat and tell them you're
talking english, they'll immediately switch to
english. Their show is also transmitted on
Amsterdam Radio, so local listeners might
phone in. You can join anytime...

Hello? Ridder speaking!?
This is just the beginning. Every Sunday
directly after Willem and Clary you will be
able to contact CORA. On the webcam you
will see how beautiful and sexy she is.
CORA is famous for her NASA (New Ancient
Sex Acadamy). She gives masturbation
workshops for women and she is a beloved
advisor for people with questions about their
sexuality. You can talk with her in the relaxed
setting of her home, and perhaps you will
dare to ask questions you've never asked
before. Sharing your secrets will set you
free. After CORA you will be able to join with
ASTRO-ASTRID. A powerful lady wo is a
specialist in medical astrology. Contact with
ASTRID might change your life. You'll feel
right at home with her. After ASTRID you can
listen to the creative chaos of DFM and keep
on chatting, but soon there will be friends all
over the world who will join you weekly.
If by the way you're visiting New York, don't
forget to see Willem de Ridder's illegal
exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art. If
you go to the Stephen Gang Gallery, 529 W.
20th Street 4E (in the Chelsea area where
all the Soho galleries have moved too since
that area became one big shopping mall)
you get a walkman which will guide you
through the city, to the subway, to the MOMA,
where you will experience the most
unbelievable exhibition ever. An adventure
you'll never forget. As we told you before, this
RidderRadio will soon focus more and
more interesting friend from all over the
world (from Iceland to Moscow) who will
have their weekly talk with you. Soon you will
be able to listen to Eric Andersen, great
international Fluxus Artist from
Copenhagen. William Levy (International
Times, Suck, the First European Sexpaper,
Fanatic, War Speeches of Ezra Pound,
winner of the Erotic Oscar as the Erotic
Writer of the year 1998, Dr. Doowop, brilliant
mind. Peter Delahaye, one of the great
independent advisors of world industry,
talking with him will shake up your world.
Professor Isings, who knows all about
energy, which is what we really are. Annie
Sprinkle, revolutionary porn modernist high
priestess,who will steal your heart.
Machteld, who will do 'the work' with you,
making you aware that you never ever can
talk about others. Michel Merle, who has
been travelling all over the world, in close
contact with Ior Bock the last member of the
oldest family in the world. The Bock Saga is
a story that lasts 20 years and tells you all
about humanity living millions of years
before the icetime on a planet without
seasons, in which everybody was family and
it took thousands of men and women to
make one child. RidderRadio has started
small and cosy, just to find out how we are
able to be intimite on the net. We've made
many friends already, now we're slowly but
surely feeling at home with you. Welcome.

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