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} Eckankar and STAR TREK !
} "I don't like to talk about it too much, yet ours is a
} teaching where you can look into many different things. And
} I think it won't be too many years before we're going to find
} out that we're not alone in this universe, that people have
} been traveling back and forth. All the Trekkies, the people
} who like 'Star Trek', are going to be the visionaries;
} everyone else will play catch-up.", quoted from "What Is
} Spiritual Freedom? Mahanta Transcripts Book 11", by Sri
} Harold Klemp, page 102.
} Eckankar and FLYING SAUCERS !
} "For your knowledge, the graduated Masters (or travelers
} if you wish to use this term) often go to other planets like
} Clarion, Venus, or those where higher evolved Souls are
} living, to help carry on the work of God throughout the
} universal worlds. Hence, we can think and believe in the
} flying saucers or other phenomena from those worlds beyond.",
} Rebazar Tarzs quoted in "Dialogues With The Master", by Paul
} Twitchell, 1970, page 28.
} Eckankar and VENUS !
} From: A. S. Sent:10/2/1999
} To:
} Subject: [ChelaChat] Eckankar and Venus
} "Is anyone aware of the woman Omnec Onec? She was
} previously known as Sheila Gipson. Came into Eckankar
} community in the 70's, I believe. Anyway she claims to be
} from Venus. She was born there and when she was 7 she
} visited Rami Nuri in the City of Retz and was asked if she
} wanted to carry out a special mission, through which she
} would have to live her remaining days here in the physical,
} on Earth. She agreed and had her uncle fly her here in a
} spaceship. She stopped a few weeks in Agam Des (which is a
} space-port for those beings coming from other planets/planes
} to Earth). There she acclimated to a denser existence. She
} met Yaubl Sacabi. that time she describes
} him as having long hair and not bald as we view him today.
} Her experiences were recorded in a book called, "From Venus I
} Came". It is out of print but, if you can get your hands on
} one, well worth the read. (Wendelle Stevens was the
} publisher).
} "When she spoke out about her experience to the Eck
} community back then a lot of people just couldn't believe it.
} You see Eckankar on Earth (my understanding) came here by way
} of people from Venus in the dim past. The whole religion of
} Venus is called "Om Notia Zedia". I think this translates to
} the "Laws of the Supreme Deity". It is very interesting to
} read about Eckists from other planets. I like to break out
} of rigid thinking. Even the name of Eckankar doesn't exist
} on other planets yet they follow the same path of Light and
} Sound. I definitely like to grasp "Eckankar" from a galactic
} point of view (and beyond, etc.), rather than a somewhat
} limiting (at times) Earth view of this path.", A.
} S..
} The REAL Galactic Federation !
} The REAL Galactic Federation, (as opposed to the
} FICTIONAL or ALLEGORICAL one in the Star Trek series), is
} described in the book "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human", by
} Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle. Actually, I first found
} out about it twenty years ago from the bi-weekly Cosmic
} Awareness Communications newsletters channeled by Paul
} Shockley, which I subscribed to for several years, [and where
} I first read about Eckankar and Sant Mat].
} The REAL Galactic Federation, along with the Earth's
} Spiritual Hierarchy (which I believe is headquartered
} primarily in the secret spiritual city of Agam Des), has been
} since late 1996 providing us with TWICE-WEEKLY 3-page
} Updates, telepathically thru Sheldan Nidle of the Planetary
} Activation Organization (PA'O) (formerly called "The Ground
} Crew Project"), most of them still posted on the web site
} .
} According to these sources, the REAL Galactic Federation
} is four and a half million years old. They have starships
} (about 20 MILLION of them cloaked and surrounding Earth now),
} transporter beams (with a 10 million mile range), Star-Trek-
} type REPLICATORS, and even HOLODECKS ! They also have moon-
} or planet-sized mother ships in our solar system. About 40
} percent of them are HUMAN. The rest are a mixture of
} reptoids, dinoids, insectoids, amphiboids, and beings
} resembling bears, horses, and shelless turtles. They are
} FULLY CONSCIOUS Beings who use ALL of their potential brain
} power (compared to ONLY a few percent of it in Earth humans),
} and they have natural psychic abilities such as telepathy.
} They are eagerly awaiting the go-ahead from Earth's
} Spiritual Hierarchy to perform a First Contact mass UFO
} landing (20 MILLION ships worldwide escorted by Angels),
} after which they will share their amazing technologies
} (REPLICATORS, etc.) with us all.
} PHYSICAL Subplanes !
} I have read that the PHYSICAL Universe ITSELF has SIX
} subdivisions or subplanes, (ALL of them BELOW the Astral
} Plane with its 150 subplanes), usually referred to as
} "DIMENSIONS" or "DENSITIES" by Space Aliens and related
} literature (books like "The RA Material", "You Are Becoming A
} Galactic Human", etc.). We now live in the 3rd Dimension
} (lowest). Space Aliens usually hang out in the 4th, 5th, or
} 6th Dimensions, but sometimes pop into our 3rd Dimension by
} somehow lowering the vibration rates of their spacecraft.
} Being in higher physical dimensions allows them to travel
} much faster between solar systems, and probably also makes
} possible some of their other amazing technologies.
} I suspect that the secret Spiritual Cities such as Agam
} Des also exist in these higher PHYSICAL dimensions ("supra-
} physical"), possibly even in the 7th or 8th Dimensions. The
} entire planet Earth may soon move into the 4th and 5th
} Dimensions, according to some GALACTIC FEDERATION Updates on
} the website .
} I wonder if the 4th, 5th, and 6th PHYSICAL Dimensions
} are what is REALLY meant when Eckankar literature states that
} the UFO's are "Astral" in origin.
} Robert E. McElwaine
} Star Trek Fan
} PA'O Member
} Eckankar Initiate
} P.S.: PASS IT ON !
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