Subject: Check those Chicks! (Chick tracts, that is.)

From: (Monsterwax)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Mar 20, 2000 6:02 PM
Message-ID: <>

Oakally Doakally Bros and Mo-Fos, were down to the final count of missing Chick
tracts for the Jack Chick Museum. Dig deep... DEEP Down and see if you can find
these last few Chick tracts. (I'll trade other older Chick tracts for them,
plus take your name off the body deposal detail come X-day. (I was put in
charge of the After Xist Mop-up operation as partial punishment for the
Friday/Boston debacle. (But why bring up the past? Let's concentrate on the

Here's the Master race- er, list of needed Chick tracts:

NEEDS: Bewitched, The Big Spender, Don't Read That Book, Hit Parade, Ivan The
Terrible, Kings of the East, Kiss the Protestants Good-bye, The Last
Missionary, My Name...In The Vatican?, The Passover Plot, The Poor
Revolutionist, The Secret Prayer, The Secret Weopon, Support Your Local Jew,
Terminator? This Book has been Banned, The Wounded Children, The Wicked
Magistrate (in Korean).

Please email me directly if you can help. 10-Q!

The Official Unofficial Museum of Jack T. Chick

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