Dinosaur Turns Kids Into Sex Maniacs!


>Dinosaur," the latest propaganda film from the Disney company, tries to indoctrinate America's children with the idea that it's "a-ok" to have disgusting sexual relations outside of a Christian marriage. Once again, dinosaurs are being used to pollute our children's minds and turn them wantonly to promiscuous, deviant sex acts. Barney taught our youngsters that it was just fine and dandy to be a big flaming sissy who wears outrageously homosexual colors like purple. The creatures in this film take that lesson one step further into the pit of promiscuity. Coyly voiced dinosaurs spew lewd and licentious double (sometimes triple) entendres and give each other "come and get meo/oo looks that would make a streetwalker blush. Indeed, even the most radical liberal can see the unGodly intentions of this filth. It is a well known fact that no one alive today has ever seen a dinosaur, since God killed them all off in the Great Flood. But this doesn't stop Hollywood from making most of them look like big long male sex organs. Even the caves in which the dinosaurs live are made to look like the orifice of a woman's most sacred region. All of this, of course, was done intentionally. As if the Discovery channel wasn't enough, now parents have to monitor "G" rated films because Hollywood homosexual cartoonists are once again blatantly attempting to recruit innocent children into their evil lifestyle through the big screen. This vicious attack on America's youth is the last straw!

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