I forgot to mention this to you:

I was looking through a book entitled "The Irreverant Guide to Amsterdam" and stumbled upon the following excerpt:

"HOW TO DEFINE THE UNDEFINABLE GEZELLIG... The Dutch make a cult of gezellig. Gezellig-ness (or, gezelligheid) is the opposite of the other Dutch cult, that of efficiently run business and anything goes commerce. The word is unpronounceable, and there's no English equivalent - cozy, homey, friendly, snuggly, cute and swell come close but don't quite get it. If you take something and stuff it into gezellig surroundings, gezellig becomes both form and function, medium and message. A well-worn brown cafe, a neighborhood restaurant, a living room with a fireplace and friendly hound, even a good people-person, or a wonderful experience can be gezellig. Got that?"

Sounds a bit like Slack, huh? Hmmm, maybe Rev. Stang chose Amsterdam not only for it's liberal philosophy on most forms of frop, but for this Gezellig(Slack) thing too.

Rev. M. B.

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