Re- ANOTHER new Zoogz album

I'm doing ANOTHER new album. Since I'm going blind, it'll probably be my last (well, maybe). We had a lot of fun with BOHEMIAN BUDDHA, but this time I want to "go back to my roots," so to speak, and do some complex music like I'm capable of, as I used to do IN THE OLD DAYS...

Here's the financial breakdown. These expenses are NOT open to debate---this is the bare minimum I can work with, all things taken into consideration. We need every penny we can get, so please pass the word (and the hat, if you're so inclined).

(subject to change)

24 rehearsals @ $33 per rehearsal
(3 rehearsals per week throughout July & August 2000) $ 792.00

Primary musicians:
ZOOGZ RIFT lead vocals, t-bar guitar 250.00
RENIE SHARKEY vocals 250.00
RICHIE Hsqrt ÑSS vibes & marimba 250.00
TOM BROWN drums 250.00
M. SEGAL percussion 250.00
WILLIE LAPIN bass guitar 250.00

Guest musicians
(saxophone) 50.00
(trombone) 50.00
(keyboards) 50.00
(guitar) 50.00

Producer'Äôs fee WAIVED

Marimba rental (estimate, one day only) 150.00

Recording studio (record first week of September 2000): 4 days (1-basic tracks; 2 & 3-overdubs, 4-mixing & mastering)
@ $200.00 per day PLUS $50.00 tape/accessories 850.00

CD'Äôs for financial contributors / participating musicians
and miscellaneous expenses
(such as mailing costs & 'Äúsurprise gifts'Äù) 350.00

TOTAL $3842.00

Which means we need 19.21 people to each contribute $200.00. The more each person sends, the less contributors I need. Checks can be mailed to:

Zoogz Rift
PMB 184
6520 Platt Ave.
West Hills, CA 91307-3218 USA

Thanks for your support, and I promise to cough up another great album. As before, you'll get your name in a "special thanks to" area in the credits of the cd, a copy of the finished cd, as well as a FREE (I love that word) SECRET SCI GIFT of my warped choosing.

I MUST do this project. Time is working against me.


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