GRASS the Movie

This is Movie created by several long time SubG's. While other lesser cults are making worthless crap like BattleShip Earth, we quietly infiltrated the Conspiracy and have released this great masterpiece. Go see it - JC


GRASS will have a lucky 13 day engagement, June 2 to June 14, at The Castro Theater, Castro Street at Market Street, San Francisco, with screenings daily at 7:00 and 9:10


Three years in the making, the feature documentary GRASS presents a darkly hilarious and revelatory chronicle of the US government's longstanding anti-marijuana crusade. Those who remain pure will see the degradation and fun they've been missing. Those who have succumbed to temptation will learn how ordinary citizens like themselves have been branded dangerous criminals. ALL will learn how they've become potential "collateral damage" in the government's bloated, irrational, fantastically expensive and ultimately ineffectual War On Marijuana.

Director/Producer Ron Mann (COMIC BOOK CONFIDENTIAL; TWIST; POETRY IN MOTION), teamed with narrator Woody Harrelson, and San Francisco-based Art Director/Animator Paul Mavrides (THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS; THE FABULOUS, FURRY FREAK BROTHERS), to delve into the American obsession with the "killer weed," from the deceitful machinations of the first Federal drug czar, Harry J. Anslinger to the malevolent calls for the death penalty for potheads by today's crop of half-witted politicians.

GRASS is chock full of crazed government propaganda linking pot with heroin addiction, murder, sexual misbehavior, Communism - even sloth - which viewed in retrospect, are hysterically funny and historically telling. Entertainment figures who've been associated with pot (Cab Calloway, Gene Krupa, Robert Mitchum, Louis Armstrong, John Lennon), beatniks, poets, and garden variety tokers people this thoroughly entertaining look at a subject that's as serious as a no-knock police raid. The makers of GRASS promise, "No hippies were harmed in the making of this film."

GRASS (2000, 80 mins.) Produced and directed by Ron Mann. Narrator: Woody Harrelson. Writer: Solomon Vesta. Sound Design: Rosnick MacKinnon. Original musical score: Guido Luciani. Art Director: Paul Mavrides. Editor: Robert Kennedy. Co-Producer: Sue Len Quon. Graphics Coordinator: Maury Whyte. Canada. A Unapix Films Release.

Other play dates as follows:

5/31 New York / Film Forum

6/16-19 Berkeley, CA / UC Berkeley

6/16-29 Los Angeles, CA / Nuart

6/16-22 San Rafael, CA / Film institute of N. California

6/16-22 Seattle, WA / Varsity

6/16-22 Cambridge, MA / Brattle

6/16 Chicago, IL / Music Box

6/30 Sacramento, CA / The Crest

6/30-7/6 San Diego, CA / The Ken

6/30-7/6 Portland, OR/ Cinema 21

7/7-13 Eugene, OR / The Bijou

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Church of the SubGenius
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