Wedding... of... the... Millenium!

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Date: Wed, May 24, 2000 11:28 PM
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Ah, we're just now recovering from that hellacious road trip. 1,200 miles
up, and 1,200 miles back, and well worth every road bump and pee break,
my friends. Godfather Gillan, Jewyl, and myself were honored to be chosen
as the official film crew for the event, and after viewing the tapes, I
think the Geddyns will be pretty happy with the end result.

The location was a small botanical garden; the Geddyns were married by the
fountain. The reception was hosted mere meters away, at an outdoor
pavillion set up with catering tables and a small bar. It was a sunny day,
not too hot or cold; JHVH-1 itself obviously went a little out of his way
to help out.

The wedding was beautiful, funny, poignant, energetic, and touching. The
right Reverend Stang officiated the ceremony with the fire of a Baptist,
the love of a Wiccan priest, and the salesmanship of a SubGenius. All went
well, even if the P.A. did spit and crackle a bit, and tears were shed
amidst the chuckles.

The reception was a lot of fun, though it didn't REALLY take off until
everyone had a few drinks in them (that's when we got the best video
testemonials). No lame easy listening bullshit, either. After a few old
standards (Sinatra, Bennett, et al), it shifted into old school gothic
electronica. Depeche Mode and Thrill Kill Kult kept things alive and
kicking, and even the older family members seemed to be enjoying
themselves. Jewyl even elicited a hearty "Praise 'Bob'!" from one of them.

Lest one think this was a fully nontraditional wedding, it should be noted
that the first dance, the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, and the
garter belt toss were all done classically (though one of the males in
attendance caught the bouquet and was adorned with the garter belt in
return). Armand and Barbie made a truly beautiful couple (a rarity in the
Church <g>), and you could tell they were both overwhelmed by the whole

The marriage was at 2pm and the reception lasted until 6pm. At the last
minute, we were told of an afterparty, and detoured to Saint N and
littlegothgirl's house, along with Chris Lee (who showed up to co-film
the ceremony), Ghetto Stacey, Auntie Christian, Bat, and a few MOTs that I
didn't exchange names with. A little while later, Armand and Barbie showed
up, and the party went into full swing. Halfway through, we made a food
run; Auntie Christian brought back a chicken (to be cooked and glazed in
hot sauce), Godfather Gillan brought back pasta (to be sauced with his
special blend of herbs and spices), and the rest of us chowed down. It was
one hell of a time, and the three of us are really glad that we got to
meet most of the Pittsburg M.O.T. for the first time, and get to better
know the ones that we already knew. Great bunch of people, and I'm not
just saying that. Much, much props to Auntie Christian especially, for
putting the three of us up (and putting up with the three of us) so
graciously. Clean sheets, fresh flowers, and a warm don't know
how Slackful those things are until you drive from Tampa to Pittsburgh
with no hotel in between. :)

Can't wait to hook up with the M.O.T. at X-Day... Godfather Gillan even
wants to join now. Alas, that means one more 2,000+ mile road trip, but
the Tampa Bay Pentanominational Metaclench is ALWAYS up for just one more
road trip. Praise "Bob" and pass the gas can. Amen.

Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian

Though they broke my legs / They gave me a crutch to walk /
Laws to guide me / And a crutch to walk. / Amen.
-- Chumbawamba, "Today's Sermon"

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