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>hi. the world's most famous groupie/artist, cynthia plaster caster is doing a long awaited round up of her plaster and bronze casts from the last 40 years and doing a brief showing at the thread waxing space in nyc. you are getting this as an invite to a reception on june 28th from 6-8pm. drinks will be provided as an aid for the gawking at rock stars in the cast as well as in the flesh. miss cynthia will be there and we hope you'll come celebrate her impressive career. she will be in town a few days and is doing interviews in the flesh during that time. the famous and ample jimi hendrix cast will be in attendance as well as others ranging from keith moon to jello biafra to momus. cythia's work has not been shown in this way in over 20 years.

>PRESS NOTE: because the show is open to the public and cynthia's work is unusual and noteworthy we are interested in coverage not only on the show but on cynthia as there is a lengthy documentary being shot about her life that will be seeing all the festivals and art houses as well as a book being done on her. in short, she's finally getting the props she deserves and if you can facilitate press on these events that would be lovely. she's an amazing woman and quite what you would not expect from someone in her line of work. if you wish to have more information on her, any of these projects, interview, photos, etc let me know.

>hope to see you on the 28th.

>biz 3
>1573 n. milwaukee ave. #452
>chicago, il 60622

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