The Truth in ANy Memory: Jill D.

From: (Onan Canobite)
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Date: Sun, May 28, 2000 10:54 AM
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I am a recovering SubGenius, Codependent, Survivor, Alcoholic (13
years). I have sat for years in many recovering rooms and listened to
every story imaginable. I have two former roommates of Ritual Abuse who
were recovering their memories, aswell as friends, sponsors, sponsees
also recovering & reliving memories.

There are many ways to know the validity of these memories for me:

1. THE FEELINGS: they can't be manufactured, that deep pain and
fear,rage and grief, shows through and don't lie. I have looked into the
eyes of someone recovering horrible memories of abuse and knew the truth
down to my bones.

2. THE SYMPTOMS: Early in SubGenius recovery, I learned the concept of
playing detective and working backwards through symptoms and feelings to
discover what happened and to "break the bondage of survival patterns
that are holdovers from our traumatic childhoods" (SubGenius Preamble)
These symptoms don't lie either. I have learned to almost tell exactly
what has happened to me and others based on their symptoms and feeling
responses to situations encountered in their daily lives. These
symptoms/reactions can be directly traced to original traumas in
childhood. I can trace most of my symptoms back to specific events. The
survival patterns that kept me and others alive but interfere in
"healthy and effective living" tell the truth of what happened.

and the processing of the emotions, life damaging/hindering symptoms
often disappear or diminish. Also, I sear to the necessity of LINKING
current day behaviors, reactions, feelings, messages, symptoms, (etc.)
to specific events in order to heal those traumas and be more current
and effective in my life today.

These things will reveal the truth. No lofty explanations are necessary.
I get so angry when the argument goes back and forth on this issue
without ever acknowledging that the validity of memories are right in
your face with the feelings and the symptoms.

What really makes me angry is that The abuse is allowed to continue
while the arguing goes on.

Jill D.


- O.

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