Subject: TSOG History

From: Mark Chan <>

I'm only kidding--not!

The TSOG [Tsarist Occupation Government] replaced
Constitutional Government in the US in 1945, when Gen. Rheinhard
Gehlen, Hitler's Chief of Intelligence, "surrendered"
to the US Army, after first prudently burying several
truckloads of "intelligence information" about
the Soviet Union at a secret location. Within
three days, Gehlen was out of his Nazi uniform
and into an American General's uniform; the US,
in return, got the info about the Soviets,
including access to Gehlen's agents in the KGB,
a group of Tsarists led by Gen. Andrei Vlasssov.

The so-called Gehlenapparat became the CIA's
main source of info on Soviet affairs and Gen. Gehlen
became the Director of the CIA's "Soviet penetration"
sector. In Italy, former Gestapo asset Licio
Gelli merged the Gehlenapparat with the CIA's
"Gladio" operation, under the mask of the
P2 lodge of "Egyptian Freemasonry." Through
Gelli and Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Gladio
merged with the Mafia's drug laundering
system, using the Vatican Bank and 200
non-existent "ghost banks" to conceal
the Tsarist take-over of both the profitable
drug industry and the even-more-profitable
anti-drug industry.

An official Tsar was appointed during
the brief, bloody reign of George Bush
and the Tsar's powers became even greater
under Bill Clinton, a hillbilly with
a perpetual hard-on.

For more info,see *The Yankee and Cowboy War*
by Carl Oglesby, Berkeley Medalion, NY, 1977;
and *Everything Is Under Control* by RAWilson,
Harper, NY, 1999. Or hunt the web yourself
checking "Rheinhard Gehlen" "Licio Gelli" "Gladio"
"James Jesus Angleton" "Tsarism"
"Mafia" and links therefrom.

The TSOG stalketh the land and the serfs bow and worship it.It
stealeth property, it burneth neighborhoods, it killeth
all opposition. Ye think it only doth its violence to
black people, or hispanics, or kooks with odd religions,
but its hand is at your own throat even now. TSOG FTHAGN!
What are ye, stupid, or something?
Abdul Alhazred, The Renonomicon

Guarde el vuelo del lasagna!

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