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This report of the Brushwood Air Defense Launch Facilty Test Range Activity was compiled by:
Chas -Dances with Rockets- Smith
Michele -Eagle Rocket Hunter- George

Test Range Activity report for the weekend of July 30-Aug.1

First there's Starwood
Then comes Starwoody.

--Rockets Launched: ZERO
--Rockets Found: ZERO
--Motors Ignited: ZERO
--Bonobo Boners: Almost everyone at the RoundHouse 'far as we could tell. --Displays of mating ritual flapping labs: Too many to count.

--Report Details: OK... We didn't launch a damned thing. We had our hands full in anthropolical documentation of what will forever more be known as A NIGHT ON MONKEY ISLAND.

The Subgeni talk the Bonobo talk.
The Starwoodians have endless workshops on Bonobo pedagogy and idioms. But NONE COMPARE to local Bonobo encampments... THE MINUTE that everyone turns there backs... THE VERY MINUTE that they think theyre alone left to their own...
Our efforts in the field have paid off in a relatively short amount of field time. The human looking Bonobos swung out of the trees on Saturday night and put on a display of classic monkey love in... I say - IN the roundhouse. Not outside in the grass somewhere... BUT IN the Sacred Roundhouse.

This was no Sex Magick I tell you, my collegues... This was pure Factor A MONKEY LOVE.

A step back BEYOND the standard MAGICKAL pagan festival druidic or whatever bowing to the ancestors -altar at midnight- ooooh... black candles ritual sex performance.

Beyond even the few who delve into CaveMania.

These 40 or so humans unleashed from the dark of night nothing short of The Bonobo Yeti.

Earlier in the night: We set up our equipment and did a little spacejam for the few who were there after a day full of kick ass thunder and wind storms (Our own favorite time... fires COOL). Once again, as every time we perform now, people in costumes showed up to dance. This time it was a white bear, a tree-man and two skeletons. We think they were messengers sent to announce the arrival of the Bonobo Yeti.

Later: Around 1am we made our way to the Roundhouse to join the drumming. The rythym was unique and unusual in that it was NOT the standard celto-afro rhythm common to this region... But more of a disjointed native american pulse that seemed to lure the beasts from the night...

Then shadows sizzled and crackled and sparked And into the roundhouse they emerged from the dark Two naked young females, one fat and one tall Swept into the fire dance and hypnotized all They danced with each other like ten dollar whores And the rest of the tribe then all hit the dance floor To dance with the moves of the monkey in heat Then quickly paired off to bump and grind to the beat The tall blonde and her new mate slanked into the glow Of yellow and red to put on their show
She moved like a cat in estrus on smack
Her ass curled high exposing her crack
He slid in from behind to fill her entry Everone gawked...could this really be? But the effect on the tribe infected their will And the whole goddamn circle erotically swelled The drums beat louder and the lioness roared And the monkeys screamed as la luna soared While they slurped and they lapped and slipped it in on the log Two young little goth chicks joined the bonobo cog Theyd teased all day but now the moment was right To let us all in on what naughty things they learned the past night And the fat chick lay sucking on fingers and such Even for science, we found it all a bit much But then the billygoat homos charged into the fray And the bonobo symphony crescendo forted The billygoat homos went head to head
Bucking and broncing round the fire they sped A fierce mating war dance for bonobo rights To the little green mohawked boy-bitch in black spandex tights But attention and spotlight was simply not to be denied To the tall one and her mate who did the monkey hump ride They tried all the positions and made damn sure all could see They were the king and queen of the bonobo tree But after a bit, tho entertaining and unique We left monkey island for the hot tub to seek Some respite from the fray of bonobo swarm And to laugh and relax in the bubbly all warm Then just as we sunk in to the gurgling foam The tall one and her mate arrived with a moan Then proceded to put their monkey butt on display Spreading her ass in our face just inches away We think she wanted us all to have fun
And do the funky monkey together as one
As she road up on top him to try it again We thought, well... This is where we came in So we took the experience with us back to camp And decided to write it all down in a vamp Thus that is our story, bizzare... but its true The bonobo all-skate as witnessed anew
No rockets launched, no motors did spew
Just a night on monkey island for two

Heads or Tails & Happy Trails
Rockets Away
Luv the one your with
and if ya' get the chance... Kill For Peace Dances & Eagle

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