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In article <>, (Rev. Ivan Stang) wrote:

~ We Were Double Crossed at XX-Day...

If I get any more fucked next year, I will spontaneously combust. But
here's hoping.

~ best for me. Good clean livin'. Funny how some of us oldtimers outlasted
~ all those KIDS that make fun of our advanced age and seeming decrepitude.
~ While I was leading the chorus at 7 am, they were all snoring in their
~ tents with their teddy bears and hang-overs.

This was the first year I was NOT awake at 7am, out of the last I don't
know how many years, probably since 1992. But this year, I did not go to
the pavillion. For the first time, I genuinely had something better to do,
and it did not include snoring. I hope.

~ Xist no-show notwithstanding, this was by FAR the Slackest X-Day Drill I
~ have ever experienced. Jesus, Legume and I all swore we would NOT WORK for
~ SLACK this time, and somehow, EVERYTHING GOT DONE ANYWAY! Actually, it
~ got done by the ones who DID work their asses off, especially Popess
~ Lilith, IrRev. Friday Jones, Papa Joe Mama, Chas Smith, Modemac, Ed
~ Strange etc.

YES. I actually didn't have to work for the first time either, and I love
you all for letting me, the sacred SubGenius Product Slave, have Slack and
time to run around and watch out for situations as the medical

~ Legume had predicted early in the weekend that this might be "The One
~ Where They Went TOO FAR,"

I think Me and Magdalen came up with that.

~ "ROCK AND STICK" were his tools this year, and the little island in the
~ big pond called "Pastor Craig Island" was the staging ground. the Moat of
~ Fate.

As one of the few to have actually witnessed this event, I must say it was
a highlight.

~ Some people wore actual prom clothes (Friday wore her original, which
~ still fits these 1700 years later);

I did as well. My pictures of the prom did not turn out, so if anyone has
pictures of me and/or my incredibly sexy escort, PLEASE give them to me in
some form!

~ But they were, like I had done 6 months earlier, sitting their with their
~ mouths agape in SOLID WONDERMENT and AWE. For Little Fyodor is the BOB
~ DYLAN of weirdos, my friends. He and his lovely keyboardist Babushka have
~ picked up where DEVO left off and rendered something EVEN YET MORE PURE.
~ Elvis Costello was a LAME POSER compared to Little Fyodor, in terms of
~ Nerd Angst, my friends. And yet HILARIOUS, CATALYTIC nerd angst. WHEW!!!

I think of him as Devo meets Janor, without the stupidity.

~ The SubGenii in that pavillion went into WILD GYRATIONAL CONNIPTIONS and
~ were "ululating like Iranian women" after EVERY song!

Not to mention doing the Dance of the Salted Slug.

Anyway, XX-Day was the best yet. As someone recently said to me, the
saucers didn't come, but we sure did. I was so blissed out on Saturday
night, and the weather was TOO PERFECT, I was convinced we already were on
the saucers. Maybe I am. I managed to build my own ship, and at XX-Day, I
launced it.

Long live the new flesh.

*you have been blessed by a communication from*
-----Rev. Nickie the Hated,
Inquisitor General and Minister of Propaganda -
SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
"My way is superior to ALL OTHERS"

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