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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 22:22:36 -0600

ATTN: i'm putting together - i'm gonna have info on how to publish stuff online, promotion, etc..., tons and tons of links, of course a node to Bob's Digital Tintinitus, sound programs to use etc... if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, tunes they want featured, anything, etc... feel free to email me at and i'll put it up.

It'll PRABOBally be a pretty nifty site; i'm also looking for anyone who's hip to the idea of bringing ideas to the table, submitting their tunes, and doing whatever they can to make the first place for a fresh $30 forker to go for tunes de` la Yeti and how to get into making Bob Praising, ear splitting, mind numbing music of their own. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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