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may I ask a favor of you? Droplift was a project that I feel went amazingly well. However, I'm putting together a 2nd compilation, quite similar to Droplift, but with a common theme this time. I need help promoting this project so I can get some more contributors. It's called Free Speech For Sale. I need contributors, both financially and artistically. We need 15 more found sound artists (the CD will have 30 artists, and 30 tracks, just like Droplift).

Here are the restrictions/requirements:

1) Source material for the song MUST come from commercials (radio or television or internet, doesn't matter) 2) Song must be no longer than 2:30
3) Song must be a "text manipulation" piece. In other words, the samples should be speech from the commercials, and should be manipulated out of context to deliver a new non-advertising message. 4) Contributor must donate $50, or find someone to donate on their behalf.

Could you please mention this to your mailing list? Also, we have a URL that you should tell everyone to go to for more information. http://www.pressthebutton.com/commercial

This is NOT Droplift Project Part 2...it is just the 2nd of a series of CD's in a media collage format which will be "droplifted" worldwide.

If you could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. As you can see, the restrictions will make this a time consuming effort for most collage artists, so we are hurting for contributors.

Jay / The Button

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