From: "whyaskwhyaskwhy" <>

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 07:32:40 -0700

$135 for a signed and numbered 8" X 12" with a wall hanging bracket, based
on a minimum order of 10 . 50% after materials goes back to "Bob" whose
needs are great and plentiful indeed. 5 of youze have said
"yupyupyuphowmuchhowmuch" so far. Email me direct to lock them in. If you
want them any bigger no problem but the price goes up as well.

Connie fish? I can do it. Do you have an image already? Send it over if so.

I'm going to cut a few smaller Dobbsheads and sharpen up the edges and see
how they work for throwing stars.

"Rev. Jihad Frenzy" <> wrote in message
| $135??
| Shitgoddamn! I can't afford that at all. I am desolated!
| OK, alla you slackfux! Lissen up!
| You all gotta get in on this deal and bring the price down to $50 or
| thereabouts, so that _I_ can afford to buy one of these majestic
| Eternal images of Dobbs!

good art ain't cheap and cheap art ain't good. except in this case where
it's both. go check out some comparable steel sculptures for pricing
reference. oh yeah there are none.

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