Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001

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>>With the support of my clenchmates and many of the performers and potential attendees, we're rescheduling the shevival for this October. No date set, as usual. However, I think this will work out much better for everyone interested.
>Oh, great. With expressions of faith like THAT, how can anyone DOUBT that X-Day will come this year?

I still maintain that the book, and even the dates, were right, goddamn it. The Xists ALREADY CAME AND WENT. But, I don't remeber any PreScripture that says that the Xists and the Pleasure Saucers are one in the same! NAY!

I mean, there is that bit in Revelation X that says the Pleasure Saucers landed on December 31, 1998, AFTER the Xist Invasion. In that case I think we can say THAT date is obviously in error. I mean, c'mon, it's a later book, how can its accuracy be compared to the raw PreScriptures upon which The Book Of The SubGenius and Revelation X are BASED?

So the Xists arrived, negotiated, and left. Now we just have to wait for the Pleasure Saucers.


If the Pleasure Saucers don't show up by the time the First Ever All-"Connie" Shevival begins, well, I guess we have only one answer to that:


The Prophet Lilith

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