ESO Sweeps Music Awards!



Those were the words of Prof. Chas Smith as he accepted the Cleveland Free Times Music Award last night for Best Instrumental-Electronic Band: Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Joining Prof. Smith to accept the prestigious award were basist Nikkee, violinist Michele George, and drummer Bob Mozick. Guitarist Lonesome Cowboy Dave lived up to his name and arrived after everybody else had left.

Lonesome Cowboy Dave did make it to the radio station later for the ESO Swamp Radio show, which has lately degenerated into shameless huckstering for SubGenius escapee Dr. Mojo's madcap realtime fly-through Bryce-killer project, MOJOWORLD (see http://www, Mojoworld megahype has also leeched from ESO Swamp Radio over into The Church of the SubGenius Hour of Slack, stealing back hyperspace oddity status away from "It," "Creepy Clown" and "All Your Base Are Belong to Us," and diverting it back into SubGenius hands. (

ESO most recently performed two nights at the Winterstar Symposium sponsored by Cleveland's Association of Consciousness Exploration. Prof. Smith also conducted a "Space Jam Trance Music Workshop" (or similar evocative title), which brainwashed the audience into Mojoworld Awareness using subliminal cues. ILLUMINATUS author Robert Anton Wilson was also exposed to Mojoworldized space vibrations via Chas's keyboard work during the SubGenius "devival" at Winterstar, preached by this objective journalist.

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