Sub-Hating Preacher on National Christian TV!

by Rev. Ivan Stang

Monday morning, December 18, my brother in law was watching TV in Texas, channel surfing, and he came upon a televangelist named Dr. something BOYLE, a show called "Thirty Minutes with Dr. (whatever) Boyle." This preacher Boyle was railing against ME!! Rev. Ivan Stang! He was going on and on about what a nasty evil sinful and sin-spreading bastard I am. He did NOT seem to realize the truly all-encompassing nature of our "sick cult," that is, I think he thinks we all take "Bob" at more than face value, if you know what I mean. It sounded to me like he was getting his information from the ExposeBob site or something like that.

Unfortunately, by brother in law did NOT get a recording of this. He left a message on my machine that it would be replayed that same day at 6 pm, but I didn't hear the message until late that night.

My brother in law was not able to report any juicy exact quotes, possibly because he might sort of agree that our Church spreads "filth," but my brother in law did say that he got REALLY MAD when the preacher man said something to the effect of, "This Ivan Stang even has TWO CHILDREN! And you can just IMAGINE what depraved creatures THEY must be!" This pissed off brother in law because while while he could hardly disagree with the national TV preacher's evaluation of me, he also knows both my grown kids to be ironically calm and, if not upstanding, at least TOTALLY COOL individuals.

I wonder how we would go about getting copies of this Dr. Boyle's show -- from what I can tell, it was on the Family network... whatever the hell it's called (I don't have cable) -- used to be Christian Broadcasting Network, now it's "Family" something..

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James T. Rex King of the Monsters <mshotz@aol.comnospam> wrote:

>Well, just look it this way, any publicity is GOOD publicity! Maybe soem X-tain
>will visit and see the light and send in his $30! Or not.

It would be great if someone would help fire up this guy to
organize protest rallys against the church of the subgenius all across the

We need to get addresses and phone numbers and fire off some calls
and letters in support of his "crusade" against the COS and also some
angree letters supporting us. If he thinks it'll get attention he'll do
more of it!

A friend of mine runs a couple of adult bookstores here in
columbus. Whenever the X-ians show up with protest signs and picket his
places he would be there and serve them coffee and donuts and help them
out because his reciepts almost doubled each day the protesters were
there. They were great advertising. Apparently, some of them even came
back later to buy stuff.

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