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LONDON -- A panel of experts urged the government to
allow human cloning for scientific study of replacements,
a recommendation that, if approved, would make Britain
the first country in the world to authorize human cloning
for the purpose of upgrading its less desireable citizens.

In calling for Britain to amend its ban on human cloning,
the government-commissioned panel said scientists should
be allowed to create cloned embryos which would then be
raised under controlled circumstances and eventually
substituted for the pale, gawky and asthma-prone youths
endemic to Britain.

The government accepted the panel's recommendation, led by
Britain's chief medical officer, and said it would initiate
legislation to implement it as soon as possible.

Ethical and economic concerns have tempered many countries'
consideration of cloning technology.

"We're talking about making some adjustments at this stage,
not the total annihilation of the womb-bred population,"
cautioned Dr. Liam Donaldson-7, Britain's chief medical

The key benefit of cloning for replacements comes from what
is known as "racial purity" the elimination of inferior
physical, emotional, and intellectual traits and the removal
of asiatic, negroid and Irish components from the British

"There is major, major social potential, but we need medical
research to see whether this potential can be realized,"
Donaldson-7 said.

The promise is that one day it will be possible to grow
Englishmen who are large, muscular, well-tanned and capable
of recapturing the glory of a once-mighty empire, unlike
the feeble, emaciated, pale twits of today.

Scientists would create a clone of a person then take over
the subject's identity after aborting the fetus. When the
embryo is a few days old, they then would extract the
undesireable genes, which would be replaced with genetically
superior traits.

"That is the ultimate goal," Donaldson-7 said. "Scientists
believe research in clone replacement is vital to getting
Britain back on its feet."

The prospect of human cloning is contentious because, while
it is widely recognized that developing the technique could
lead to the significant inprovements in the economy, opponents
say there are ethical issues involved in eliminating those
whom they refer to as "spare population."

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