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============================================================================= PRESS RELEASE:

Several years in the making before SHK's untimely death in 1997, and several more years waiting for it to be released: Finally it's here. ***
======================================================================= "BAD PILLS" -- 60 PAGE COMIC BOOK BY THE LATE, GREAT SVERRE H. KRISTENSEN -- OUT NOW!

Several years in the making before SHK's untimely death in 1997, and several more years waiting for it to be released: Finally it's here. Inside the beautiful silver, red and black cover you'll find 60 pages of nasty classics like "King Kancer", "KKK Nigger", "Dead Boy", "LSD Pig", "Larry Lard-Ass", "Darwin's Waiting Room", "Prison Toons", "Coon Dawg", "Dead Ed", "Fur Pie" and many more. Cute dogs, pigs and dinosaurs try to outdo each other in the burnin' lootin' rapin' shootin' departments. Never seen before -- never to be seen again.

Scandinavian/European distribution by Hypertonia World Enterprises. Order from:
Jan Bruun, Munkebekken 257, N-1061 Oslo, Norway. Scandinavian countries, send NOK 90.-/SEK 90.-/DKK 90.- including air mail postage Outside Scandinavia, send UKPound8/US$ 10 including air mail postage.

For additional info, obituary, articles, gallery of unreleased comics & drawings, and catalogue of other great SHK zines, videos, audio tapes and Anus Presley CD check out:

For photos, interviews, obituaries, sound files, video clips et.c., go to: SVERRE H. KRISTENSEN MEMORIAL PAGE: ***
Sverre Helmer Kristensen, comic book artist and editor/publisher of Sewer Cunt, died November 6th 1997, after two-and-a-half years of struggle with blood cancer. After the first round of heavy treatment, in the summer of 1996, he was apparently well. He travelled to London, and created a design for a T-shirt that said <<God Tried to Kill Me, But He Couldn't Do It!>>. But he suffered a serious setback, had to undergo another round of treatment, and by 1997, he was told he couldn't be cured. He had to go to the hospital in Aarhus every four days to get a painful injection directly into the spine, and it was on one of these visits that he collapsed and died.

In addition to the vast amount of comics he drew, Sverre also made the cut-up style documentary videos Something New To Die For (about The Church of the SubGenius) and No Sense Makes Sense (about Charles Manson). These were shown at video festivals around the world (including one in Iran!!!) and got great reviews.

Sverre grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in his youth he lived for some years in Sunnmøre in Norway. Then he moved back to Denmark and went to art school in Kolding for four years. The other students concentrated upon industrial design and other potentially money-making directions, while Sverre did as much drawing and weird videos as he could.

His comix career mostly consisted of uncompromising self-published work, but he also had comix published in the Canadian anthologies Kêkrapules and Compendium Comix, along with artists like Julie Douchet, Joe Matt and Mike Diana.

SHK-only comic books (by various publishers) include the titles Det Magiske Cirkus and Donald Fuck. In the late eighties he did quite a lot of colour covers, comix and posters for the Norwegian edition of Mad.

In the nineties he worked for a company which manufactured children's clothing. A lot of cute cows and dinosaurs drwan by SHK can be found on these clothes. Quite a departure for an artist who was otherwise obsessed with drawing comix about death, murder, torture and rape. The common thing between those two world is that both are populated by cute, furry animals... He didn't like his job very much, but it provided him with a steady income, and he used his employer's computers to do layout on Sewer Cunt.

His last work, the partly autobiographical 60-page comic book Bad Pills is being releases by the US publisher Mike Hunt. It contains a story about <<King Kancer>>. However, <<Almost Dead>>, about the time spent with the blood cancer, was pulled by Sverre just before he died. But it was published in the american brutal art zine Malefact.

In November 1999, a 40 minute best-of Anus Presley CD that SHK named Music to Listen to When You're Dead was released by the norwegian Jazzassin and Hypertonia labels.

A close friend and collaborator on many projects since the mid-eighties, he will be missed a lot.

(JR Bruun)

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