stupid fucking humans

From: "Blackout" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Feb 19, 2002

how fucking stupid, you ask?
From: "Two Beans" <>

You expect them to be smart?

Well, they are smart, but in that "human-smart" way.

In time, they will destroy their own mechanations. Let's try to not be
around when they do.

Two Beans

"There, the spark leaps to life. The Golden Age quivers on the brink of
creation. Live, my machine! Live my savior! You have my breath... You have
my dream, my dream."
-The Residents, "Failure / Reconstruction" from the album Mark of the Mole
From: "Alliekatt" <>

"The Not Quite Sane One" <> wrote...
> Shit. I'm at a complete loss for words.

Just wait 30 years. The historians always dig up the nastiest dirt after a
crisis is way long over. His role of 9-11 being directly tied to his
election and office will be revealed. Oh yes, yes, it will. Long after the
sumbitch is dead of natural causes, of course, and some other horrible event
is happening, but oh yes, it will still be revealed.

Until then, we can look forward to Europe to stop supporting the US due to
forcing them to support our full scale invasion of iraq, look forward to
more terrorism that we bring on ourselves thanks to puppet oil economies
that make stone age ayrabs all rich and shit while still in
rock-and-poo-flinging mentality, and look forward to yiz-ro-FUCK yanking us
around on the ends of their sloppily circumcised penii, demanding that we
give them more money so they can finally build real concentration camps for
upstart Palestinians. With cyanide gas showers instead of that slow icky
zyklon B. And someone somewhere between now and then, will have the
brilliant idea of nuking Jerusalem and hopefully mecca, and finally
horrifying all the little Pinks into realizing that their god has abandoned
them, and they might as well go to church and either drink up the old
cyanide punch or instantly evolve the brainpower to live without the crack
nipple that is their stupid little holy rock that they shoot each other to
stand on and say, "My god can beat up your god".


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