Danny Bonaduce vs. Chaka the Monkey Boy

Date: Sat, Apr 13, 2002 5:50 PM

From: dyskolos <dyskolos@menander.org>

This is an email that was received at the Kooks museum from our friend
cartoonist/filmmaker Nina Paley. Do what you will.

>From: Nina Paley <ninapaley@XXX.com>
>Subject: Danny Bonaduce v. Chaka (Phil Paley) Celebrity Boxing Part Deux
>Hello friends,
>You may not know that my distant cousin, Phillip Paley, used to play
>Chaka the Monkey Boy on the old Sid & Marty Kroft TV show, "Land of
>the Lost." Phil's very cool, and is also a karate black belt. He's
>apparently challenged Danny from "The Partridge Family" to some kind
>of silly celebrity fight thing, which sounds highly amusing, and
>could be a way to put cousin Monkey Boy back on the celebrity map.
>So please, if you have the time and want to see something that
>entertaining come to fruition, send Mr. Bonaduce a note as per the
>following suggestion.
>I thank you, and Chaka thanks you.

>>We are still working to try to get this fight put together. We
>>previously sent an email to Danny and the challenge ended up on the
>>air. Chaka then called in. On April 4, 2002, on live national
>>radio, Danny Bonaduce accepted Chaka's challenge to fight.
>>However, we need to keep the heat on so that the buzz continues and
>>Danny keeps his word. He continues to discuss the fight on the
>>radio. However, we propose the following to be sent in an email
>>form to the following email addresses:
>><mailto:danny@jamieanddanny.com>danny@jamieanddanny.com, with a cc
>>to <mailto:jamie@jamiewhite.com>jamie@jamiewhite.com
>>"Dear Danny:
>>On or about April 4, 2002, you accepted Chaka the Monkey Boy's
>>challenge to fight you in the next Celebrity Boxing. It appeared
>>to me that you were serious in your acceptance. I implore upon you
>>to keep your word to Chaka and your adoring fans. My understanding
>>is that Chaka's challenge to you came as a result of your statement
>>at the end of the previous Celebrity Boxing wherein you challenged
>>all former child stars to come out and take a beating from you.
>>Again, I implore upon you to keep your word. Your adoring public
>>(as well as that of Chaka the Monkey Boy) wants to see this fight.
>>Given the martial arts background of both you and Chaka, it sounds
>>like it would be a pretty good fight. I can't imagine that you
>>would be afraid of a mere monkey-boy. Please don't let us down.
>>[Your name]"
>>It is our hope that this will help us along in the process. Please
>>help us on this one. Pass it along to your friends as well and
>>have them email the same message. Thanks for the help.


From: thereheis99@hotmail.com (Rev. Crawford)

I've been blue-skying a new concept with some of the boys at the
Network - it will be the ultimate in "reality TV." The working title
is "How Low Will You Go?" and is the culmination of all of the
half-ass reality shows like Springer or COPS or Celebrity Assbeating.
Basically, it takes away all the BS premises of these shows and
delivers what the viewers are REALLY wanting to see - people publicly
humiliating themselves for money and attention. There will be no
interviews, no excuses, and no veneer of respectibility - just
po'buckers engaging in bestiality, coprophagy and self-mutilation on
national TV for money. Nothing will be taboo and there will be none of
those silly pixillated areas over faces or crotches. This concept has
already been a big hit in Japan.

Coming this fall to Fox.

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