"Grass" makes IMDB Movie of the Day

Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2002 4:13 PM

From: modemac@modemac.com (Modemac)

I doubt this will translate into more sales for the SubGenius
Foundation, but it's worth noting. The Internet Movie Database
(http://www.imdb.com for the two of you who haven't been there yet)
has a "movie of the day" on its home page, and the movie actually
seems to be chosen because the people who manage IMDB are interested
in itn -- it's not just a marketing move. I hope.

IMDB states: "The central point of Grass is not that marijuana should
be 'legalized', but 'decriminalized'; a semantic point at best. A
well-crafted documentary, Grass examines the American 'war' on
marijuana in the 20th Century, using archival news footage and various
clips from popular media to illustrate the chronological journey. The
film's message is not so much that marijuana is good, but that the
results of state and national law enforcement crusades against it have
been more costly in their fiscal and human toll than decriminalization
would be. This is something each viewer will have to judge for
themselves, and the obvious bias of the filmmakers (including the use
of pro-pot activist Woody Harrelson as a narrator) must be taken into
account by any viewer who wants to keep an open mind. Still, despite
its one-sided slant, Grass remains an informative and entertaining
examination of America's social and political attitudes toward the
controversial topic of whether marijuana should be illegal."

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