Donna Kossy Book Review

Date: Sat, Jan 12, 2002 7:12 PM

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

D. P. Roberts <> wrote:

> We need alt.slack.high.weirdness purely for updates on high weirdness
> by mail. I don't know if we're ever going to get an update on the
> book.

I thought that the update to "High Weirdness" was this thing called
"The Internet."

Actually Simon and Schuster was not interested in that or any of the 8
other ideas we presented to them. I think somebody there doesn't like
us. I am pressing on with various books to quasi-self-publish
Internet-wise, like with iUniverse. Reprints of old books and the STARK
FIST 120 pagers of the 9os. A revised High Weirdness, hoever, is not on
my A-list. If somebody were to PAY me to do it I sure could, but
cripes, I really got tired of reading other kooks' work and trying to
come up with nasty shit to say about them. I am MUCH more interested in
advancing our own SubGenius Church kook work. Let other kook
researchers write about US.

God knows we've given them enough to write about for a hundred years.

Actually Onan has convinced me to start on a "History of the Church" in
which I would describe all the amazing weirdos and characters that
"Bob" has led us to, or vice versa. Just the people that I met through
Byron Werner, those alone would make for a REALLY interesting chapter.

In the meantime, the premire Crackpotoligist of our day, the gal who
carries the Tablets, Saint Donna Kossy, has a new book out on Feral
House -- isbn # 0-922915-65-2,, $16.95. This book

Aberrant Ideas of Human Origina from Ancient Astronauts to Aquatic Apes.

1 extraterrestrial origins
2 de-evolution
3 race
4 eugenics
5 creationism
6 the aquatic ape theory
7 the urantia book, szukalski and h.i.m.

As in her masterpiece, KOOKS,* Donna somehow manages to walk the
thinnest line of the Crackpotologist, never straying into prideful
mockery nor false, cpondescending "understanding." She doesn't really
have to editorialize; telling the facts and histories of these various,
eh, researchers, visionaries and scientists, straight faced, is enough;
that and letting their own words speak for themselves.

This book is a BATH in the very juiciest part of kookdom, the Origins
of the World stuff, where The Masked Scientist meets The Mad Prophet in
a death match to cosmic knowledge. From Black Muslims to Zecharia
Sitchin to the Giant Man Tracks in Glen Rose, Texas, Donna has
definitely skimmed off the top of the brain froth.

This project reportedly started when Mr. Kossy, the artist we know as
NENSLO, mentioned to her that the paperback she had acquired, Oscar
Kiss Maerth's "The Beginning Was the End," was the kook book from which
DEVO had derived much of their anthropological theories about
brain-eating apes.

*(also now available in reprinted form from Feral House, but without
the great Nenslo cover with the 130 Hidden Dobbsheads)

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