LEXX is Subgenius fropaganda

Date: Tue, Apr 16, 2002 11:35 AM

From: "Rev Flamegrape" <asqorca@comcast.net>

I didn't write this but I thought all of you should know. LEXX is a really
cool sci-fi show. It's been described as the "anti-Star Trek".

"Oh, absolutely. LEXX is nothing if not SubG 'fropaganda. Just look at this
season in and of itself. There's the world full of Pinks who are bringing
the whole place to the brink of destruction, there's the Conspiracy (as
epitomized by Prince and his connection to JFK and Waco, just to show the
tip of the Con iceberg) seeking to suck the slack out of the people of this
world, there's the Yacatisma heading toward Earth (the Beans cleverly
substituting *plant* people for *serpent* people), there's the arrival of a
spacecraft from another dimension/planet with a hot sex goddess
aboard...Even when you look at the creative aspects of the show, you get a
SubG thing going on. There's the mocking and ridicule of Pink icons
(religion, government, complacent suburban society, etc.), the embracing of
BullDada (Godzilla flicks, slasher flicks, zombie flicks, etc.), and a crew
that gets through everything by the skin of their teeth by surfing that luck
plane for all it's worth. It celebrates hedonism and indulgence, and is all
about having fun. It's one of the only truly slackworthy programs on the
Box today.


This is true. This is all true. This show is yet another hour of slack for
your enjoyment. Pinks hate it.

I've posted a couple of sound samples from the show earlier in this
newsgroup. I will be posting more in the future.

Rev. Flamegrape

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