More SubG propaganda: Poop Dog Redux on "Zim"!

Date: Fri, Mar 29, 2002 10:34 PM

From: HellPopeHuey <>

On the new "Invader Zim" tonight, there was featured a kid show host named
POOP DOG, bearing a medallion that proclaims "Pain Poop", promoting a candy bar
CALLED "POOP," which school children were MADE to sell for "prizes" such as
band-aids and HOVERCRAFTS. Gawdamnit, they're either triangulating on us or
we're making better inroads into THEIR so-called "brains" than I thought.

Hold me; I'm either scared or elated and in either case, could use a good
fellating. A little lower and to the right...ahhh, that's it.

HellPope Huey,
Its pill or be killed

"The prerogative of the age, Dr. Carlyle.
You can never tell when
we're being serious or addled."
- "Rising Stars"

This is my body, this is my blood
Sufficient I am to the day
The Lord took my legs
Now it won't help if you pray
So don't spill my courage away
- Wall of Voodoo

"Who knew being God
could have such terrible consequences?"
- Bend

From: "Alliekatt" <>


Actually that's not a new episode. Only because I'm such a geek would I
know this. Except that I missed the other new ep of Zim due to being
calculatedly evil. Last night I was consuming mass quantities of darn good
beer, while barbecuing mass quantities of meaty MEAT, in the middle of my
Catholic neighborhood, on Mediocre Friday. And _everyone_ could smell it
for blocks.

"MOM! I want a hot dog! Jesus lets me eat hot dogs the rest of the year!"
"We must be pious on good fridays and refrain from meat...and it would be
much easier to do that if the whole damn planet didn't smell like southern
barbecue and new york strip thanks to the neighbors..."



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