Mothman Prophecy induces Strange Dream

Date: Sat, Jan 26, 2002 3:16 PM

From: iDRMRSR <>

Last night, I braved a white suburban mega-multiplex cinema full of
teenie boppers, to see the paranormal thriller Mothman Prophecies.
Which was a good movie. Do not be cowed by the terrible reviews. It
isn't oscar material, but hell, it was good entertainment and it HAS an
ending, despite what people say. It's about this Moth Man that seems to
show up in towns before there are horrid tragedies involving multiple
sudden deaths.

So afterward, I come home, strap on the breathing apparatus, and konk
out. The CPAP machine induces DEEP sleep, full of REM activity and

In the dream, I was at work playing with my PC, and I wanted to impress
the hell out of my boss. I don't know how or why, but I told her I
could make living organisms using my PC and some common household
items. Yes, strange dream indeed.

So I got this tall glass, and I put in some Orange Jello and Yeast (I
remember from the dream it was the Rapid Rise variety). Somehow, I
hooked up the glass and all to the USB port, and set the thing down. My
boss was looking on with disbelief.

Suddenly, the mixture starts foaming as the yeast started to ferment.
It kind of mushroomed up into the glass almost overflowing. Then
mysteriously, the foam collapsed, leaving a kind of sticky orange mass
in the bottom.

The orange mass congealed into a starfish. The starfish then curled up
its tentacles, which became long green worms (like claymation). The
worms started moving. At this point my boss says, geez, those things
are REALLY alive!!!

Eventually the worms metamorphosed into these small squat Polynesian
entities with huge penises and big ears. Then finally congealed into
this amazing figure which was a turtle, merged with a bigger turtle,
merged with the upper half of an old fat man (think Alfred Hitchcock).
Six legs in all, four turtle legs and two human.

I don't know what this means, but then I clicked into ABS today, and
Lemur has a picture of two tortoises fucking. Following the movie, I'm
sure this MEANS something. Please, all SubG's, if you value your souls,
do not go near turtles today, and try to avoid mixing orange Jello with
yeast. Those of you without USB ports probably are safe.


From: Arbane the Terrible <>

Based on John Keel's UFO book?
If so, I may have to see it. I _like_ that book.

"Remember, the plural of 'moron' is 'focus group'."
-- James A. Wolf

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