My Philip K. Dick connection

Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2002 1:47 AM

From: "duke0uke" <>

O Brethern and Sistern,
I was re-reading VALIS (the alien satellite told me to), and
was subsequently inspired to surf the net for PKD tidbits.
I knew that we lived in the same city at the same time
(Fullerton CA, late 1970's), but from someone's posting of
documents from his FBI file, I finally got the actual address.

I turns out that I lived HALF A MILE FROM THE GUY, and not only

That has to explain SOMETHING. Too bad I wasn't a fanboy then--
I would have thrown a baseball through his window.


From: Kopi Luwak <>

his official archive is still at cal state fullerton.

road trip?

"Two wrongs may not make a right but a few dozen maybes can make a really."


From: duke0uke <>

> road trip?

Yeah, like I want to get hit by the beam a SECOND time.


From: "palimpsest" <>.

Once your hit, it sure don't quit. Just make sure you wrap the cat in
tinfoil - Phil learned the hard way.

Have heard CS-Fullerton have shielded the archives in lead. They know!


From: "palimpsest" <>

> That has to explain SOMETHING.

The 75,000 pages missing from the exegesis?

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