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Date: Wed, Jan 30, 2002 9:29 PM


Max Bedroom
The Spermalator
Great Sexpectations
The Watergate buggers
2069 a sex odyssey
Last tango in Burbank.

Bare Witch Project
"When Larry Ate Sally"
Shaving Ryan's Privates?"
Let My Puppets Come (puppet/live action porno)
E-3 The Extra-Testicle
Edward Penishands
"Lord of the Cock Rings"
From 8 to 4
Das Butt

There was going to be a "Malcolm XXX", but the all-Black cast objected to
the way the lead character was being depicted.
Flesh GordonSplatpoon
The Backdoor Bradys
Cagney and Stacey

Beaver and Buttface
the Flintbones
the BeverlyThrillbillies
Eating Ryan's Privates
Forrest Hump
He-She Haw
"Who's Eating Gilbert's Grape"

From: Rev. Doktor Lizzardo <lizzardo@subgeniuscom.biteme>

Don't forget "Flash Pants" and "Broadcast Nudes."


From: Artemia Salina <>des."

Then there's the one from a.r.k, "Hairy Cooter and the Scorcerer's Bone"

"Brian's Schlong"
"The Antique Choad Show"

Artemia Salina --
Inconsolable Psaltery Shudderingly Shets Cleche Nitro-chloroform!!! Just ask Kevan!


From: iDRMRSR <>

Glad He Ate Her.


From: Tesla Coil <>

Not on the list yet...

A Clockwork Orgy
Booty Double
Jewel Raider
Mr. Holland's Orgy
Missionary Position Impossible
Pimped By An Angel
Pulp Friction

"The Devil in Miss Jones" deserves special mention as a
parodic title probably better known than the movie from
which it was taken:

From: Artemia Salina <>

> >"The Antique Choad Show"
> Wotz a "choad"?

It's yer pink floyd. Yer courting tackle.

$ dict choad
1 definition found

From Jargon File (4.2.3, 23 NOV 2000) [jargon]:

choad /chohd/ n. Synonym for `penis' used in alt.tasteless and
popularized by the denizens thereof. They say: "We think maybe it's
from Middle English but we're all too damned lazy to check the OED."
[I'm not. It isn't. --ESR] This term is alleged to have been inherited
through 1960s underground comics, and to have been recently sighted in
the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Speakers of the Hindi, Bengali and
Gujarati languages have confirmed that `choad' is in fact an Indian
vernacular word equivalent to `fuck'; it is therefore likely to have
entered English slang via the British Raj.

Artemia Salina --
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