Prescriptures Breakdown Part III

From: (Paul Casino)
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2004

Ung! Ung! Mene Mene Tekel
Upharsin! Lo!

Many theories have been bouncing around concerning the exact nature of
this passage. Theologians and Philsophers alike have been arguing the
point since time immerorial, their heated discussions oft breaking out
into Watts style riots in the streets, complete with people throwing
phone booths through store windows and mobs carying torches in broad

One of the major lines of thought on the topic postis that this is a
kind of invocation of the muses, while others claim it to be the
work's dedication passage. Also, it should be noted that if this
passage is read backwards, nothing will happen. That's right. Nothing
will happen, right on the page. It still won't make a lick of sense to
the human ear, but you will have your very own Never-Ending
Story-esque NOTHING evolving from within the black ink letters left
behind by your pen and spreading out across the page, pulling all
within it's proximity spiraling into it's unfathomable depths. I'm
just sayin'...I wouldn't fuck around with trying it out.


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

Ung is the sound God makes when He shits. Lo! is what you always say
when you're about to announce something cataclysmically awesome to an

Personally I first encountered the middle line in a Lovecraft horror
story... some fear-crazed or possessed fellow starts hollering it in
regards to the Old Ones or the Elder Gods or Cthulhu or somebody... but
it's also in the Bible

count, count, weigh, divide, equals, times, time, and, half-time

DANIEL:5 relates a story from the royal court of King Belshazzar (the
lieutenant, second, or sub-king, or viceroy), the son of Nebuchadnezzar
(Nabonidus in 'royalty-correct' scholarly works/DSS:Cave#4) who reigned
over Babylon's realm ca. 554 B.C., until ca. 539 B.C., when Cyrus of
Persia then stepped-in without a struggle from the surprised

King Belshazzar was holding a feast: And calling for the Jewish altar
goblets, filling these with his wines and beers, and saluting himself
and his kingdom, lauding his majesty and longevity, and protesting slur
and slight - and, the indignation of the Jews was felt by God, DANIEL
tells us, whose finger appeared to write these titular words in the
plaster on the brick-stone walls inside the palatial feast hall: MENE

The King was astonished at this apparition, and fitfully demanded to
know what the words meant, blithely offering a reward of royal office
of the highest rank (below himself, that is third, for King
Nebuchadnezzar was more a senile king-father-figure around Babylon at
that time). Four words in plain tongue, irrelevant in context, graven
indelibly in stone in such incongruous manner, stymied everyone - as
though superior in intellect. His wisest counselors, too, had had their
fill of wine and beer, and they couldn't think to care to answer. So,
at the queen-mother's suggestion they recalled Daniel in from
retirement, who was formerly a royal thinker selected of the Jewish
captives. Daniel, too, was astonished: He didn't recall ever hearing
about this prank being arranged: The words must have been carved and
plaster-filled on the brick-stone wall decades previous, and their
meaning passed and forgotten: Perhap the wall plaster had dried
excessively and crazed over the decades of neglect: And perhap a splash
of wine or beer flung in a riotous moment had wetted the wall:
loosening the plaster plugs, and exposing their covert phrase.

So, Daniel pondered what these words could mean. The King expected
something high-and-mighty, and, Daniel gave it to him in the first way
he could think-of (he himself being an old man of good counsel, but of
little interest in hot-shot interpretations before a spew-drunken
king). Capably respectfully Daniel redacted for him the news of Cyrus'
approach to the city: and like Jeremiah before him, Daniel summarily
outlined the safest plan for submitting to Cyrus peaceably. (Daniel
greatly admired Jeremiah, whose books he'd studied diligently, even to
understand them: DAN9:1-2 - even as we may today know that Jeremiah
predicted the Jewish holocaust of the middle of our twentieth century
to coincide with the astronomers measuring the cosmos [Hubble et al,
ca. 1935: 20 billion light-years across], and geologists
seismometrically plumbing the fathoms of the Earth: JER31:37). He told
the king, the words meant: His kingdom was numbered (counted-up,
countable, summarized), finished (count-checked, stopped, totalled),
found wanting [adjustment] (balance-weighed, equallized, annulled),
divided between the Medes and Persians (apportioned, subdivided,
disunified, disloyal). Daniel must have known of Isaiah's opinion that
Cyrus was anointed by God (ISA44-45) - and recognized the wall
builders' construction foreman had carved these as instructions for an
accountant-trainee, on that very stone: then filled-in his instructions
with the plaster on the wall - they'd have been long-gone before it'd
be noticed eventually by a, king-trainee, Belshazzar. The
accountant-trainee's instructions were, count the money twice, weigh it
for total consistency (or record the balance in the books), and pay it
out: count, count, weigh, divide - instructions remote from Chaldean
upbringing who ate the King's meat, but within Daniel's own learning,
as the common abilities of the business-man, although he excelled to
science as well.

This also fit something that had been bothering him (Daniel) for a
long time: A recurring nightmarish but bright vision (or Oriental
dream) foretold of three and a half times, again and again. (Daniel did
not know how it could be that he was living at the middle of Creation's
seven thousand years, nor how the exact 'three-and-a-half' moment could
be precisely January 170 B.C., when his prophecies would mark and
divide 'history-zero' between the past and the future). And he saw
something in those four words on the wall that made them seem to imply
only three and a half. Today our scholars suggest the four words are
coins (denominations: two minas, a shekel, and a peres, a half mina)
that count nationalities ending with a small persian coin, predicting
Cyrus. But we might think of something Daniel did a lot: He enjoyed
watching the local rivers from their banks: They represented to him the
constancy of the flow of time passing by where he stood or sat:
Something always flowing, yet without filling or emptying (except when
it flooded, and gave everyone too much time or too little time to keep
their daily lives in order and flowing). And we see that Daniel then
understood why he'd been brought to Babylon, for here were the very
four rivers of the garden of Eden, and their four new names as they
were revealed to him for his people: He felt he was being held very
close to God. The four rivers were (become) only two great rivers,
since the Pishon (Wadi Batin) was, MENE, gone-dry, a minor tributary;
the Gihon (Karun, rud-Khaneh-ye river-bed) was also, MENE, gone-away,
lost, a minor tributary; the Hiddekel (Tigris) was, TEKEL, balanced
(remaining significant on the book), confluent at the head of the
fourth: and the Puratu (Euphrates) had become, PERES (UPHARSIN),
divided in branches and lengthwise by large lakes.... Daniel observed,
explored, pondered, and spoke and wrote (a little of each) - count,
count, weigh, divide.

Thinking ever more deeply on this 'three-and-a-half', Daniel saw in
this simple phrase, the whole essence of time and space, mathematics
(*) and science: We count our steps forward and back; We count our
steps even to dance around, left and right - or north-south and
east-west; We feel our weight when we stand, jump, climb up and down
(or balanced weightless buoyed in bath water or swimming); But we
persist (steadfastly, continually) only in the time-forward 'now'
dividing the past and the future - time is (also) the divisor for the
rates of travel and travail (*) - count, count, weigh, divide.

To emphasize this momentous thought, DANIEL:3 recounts a story of
three hebrew boys cast fully clothed into a super fiery hot furnace
(intense, brilliant scrutiny) - only then showing a fourth standing
with them: The three boys represented the three similar but
independent dimensions of space upon which all objects are realized:
Time conjoins this '3-D' object-burdened space in energetic light (not
heat: Bright light alone does not burn directly, but the furnace
technicians stoking their 'sun-fire-god') - and time subordinates all
to the present lordly 'now'. And finally we see as Daniel saw that man
on the mudbank (ref: earlier article) as mankind on Earth: There'd be
much running to and fro (in-line and crossways) within the bounds of
the Earth; And much weight of knowledge greatly increased, of
building-up, gained, upheld, and carried about; And eternity, the very
end (purpose) of time perceived at last, like the river flowing
constantly forward, passing the temporal division, fulcrum or, lot,
of Earth-living standing in its aethereal midst (even as Daniel's own
lot in the very middle-time, would be so recognized in the end-time)
- count, count, weigh, divide. (DAN12)

* [The mathematics student discovers this order repeated at levels in
the development of numbers and reciprocal-number-processes: At the
primary level, addition and its reciprocal subtraction are counting
processes, multiplication scales and leverages weights, and its
reciprocal process is division - count, count, weigh, divide; At the
intermediate level, addition and multiplication are manipulative
counting processes, and functions are tabulated and linearly
interpolated (proportioned) - count, count, book, divide; At the
graduate level, the two basic arithmetic operations are counting
processes, addition and multiplication (the counting of countings);
The composition of functions is a (compounding) stacking process; And
the derivative slope calculation is a proportioning division process -
count, count, balance (compounded), divide]

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: "ghost" <>

"It was a finger instead of a singer
It was a finger instead of a song
It was a finger instead of a singer
It didn't stay too long...

When I was having a party and wanted to hear a song
A disconnected finger appeared where it didn't belong
It floated above the floor and wrote something on the wall
No one could read the writing so someone was called

It was a finger instead of a singer...

He said my father was crazy with fingernails like claws
And that he ate grass with asses, then he paused
Then when he continued, he mumbled about his God
He said my days were numbered, so I started to nod
It's late now and I'm alone, still thinking about what I saw
Something woke me up, a strange noise out in the hall

I hear it again!

It was a finger instead of a singer..."

The Residents, "God's Magic Finger"


From: Zapanas <>

i'm just a finger in a rock and roll band ...

(oh stop throwing things, how could I -not- say it?)

Grand Master of the Satanic Conspiracy
> what's the capital of Maine?

Steven King.

- chaos israel


From: Peter Harris <>

"Rev. Ivan Stang" <> wrote:


Some years ago, I had a friend who'd 'say' that every time he

Peter Harris
Boxing is a lot like ballet, except that they don't dance, there
isn't any music, and they hit each other.


From: Zapanas <> (Paul Casino) wrote:
>Ung! Ung! Mene Mene Tekel
>Upharsin! Lo!
>Many theories have been bouncing around concerning the exact nature of
>this passage. Theologians and Philsophers alike have been arguing the
>point since time immerorial, their heated discussions oft breaking out
>into Watts style riots in the streets, complete with people throwing
>phone booths through store windows and mobs carying torches in broad

I think that -is- the meaning of that passage.

In Angelic language, the literal meaning of the phrase is "man those
nerds look funny when they fight" and Lo! translates to something like
"you punch like a girl" although because angels are androgynous it
gets murky.

It is then a typically perverse Joke of the Gods that the passage is a
kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it's meaning inherent in it's lack
of meaning, a divine prank on a level with some oaf throwing a stick
for his dog over the side of a cliff and laughing when the dog runs
after it to it's doom. A kind of -warning- to the initiated who can
mystically sniff the pstench of angelic cruelty between it's lines
(which, in fact, smells almost identical to rotting pumpkins to the
initiated nostril).

But then you wonder WHY? Are they so incredibly sadistic that they
enjoy torturing humans?

You have to see it from their point of view.

Channelers seem to assume that Angels have nothing better to do with
their day than to manifest on the physical plane and mouth a few
repetitive platitudes about how important it is for everybody to be
nice to each other (which we will immediately forget anyway). That
they spend their day, hoping desperately for a channeler to open up,
and when one does they all jump up and down crying "Pick me! Pick
me!" until the LUCKY one gets in.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, the physical plane is a dump. It's DEPRESSING when you've
lived in the World of Light for a few eternities.

They don't WANT to be here. If they did, don't you think they could
just show up on their own power? A channeler is like an open manhole,
and once one falls in, they are STUCK until the channeler gets bored.

Imagine if you were walking down the street, when all of a sudden a
gang of idiot children managed to catch you in a net, then they
gathered around, poking you with sticks and yelling "TOG TO US! SAY

They mouth a few new-age hallmark cards because that will make us
HAPPY and we will forget about them and they can GET THE HELL GONE.

We should be HAPPY that the worst they generally do is spout off some
inane babble. And that they only OCCASIONALLY decide to torture us.
And fairly RARELY do they just say "oh FUCK THIS BEING NICE SHIT" and
STOMP the whole CITY the channeler is in into dust and cover it up
with a tornado or earthquake. And that NOT YET have they decided to
give a channeler instructions for building a WORLD-DESTROYING
ANTI-MATTER BOMB and told them it was a "love-and-harmony-generator".

This does help explain though why new-agers have given up summoning
DEMONS the way their ancestors did.

Grand Master of the Satanic Conspiracy
Joyous distrust is a sign of health. Everything absolute belongs to
- Nietzsche


From: (HdMrs. Salacia the Overseer)

I thought that was the translation for

mekka lekka high mekka heiny ho



From: Zapanas <>

You have a frightful lisp.

Grand Master of the Satanic Conspiracy
Synthesizers don't make trouble; people humping them like crazed WEASELS
make the trouble.

HellPope Huey,

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