Sperm, Comets and the BOTSG

From: beefjerkyisgood@hotmail.com (Paul Casino)
Date: Tue, Aug 10, 2004

I've owned my Copy of THe Book of the Subgenius for almost two years
now, just noticed today that the page numbers have pictures of sperm
and comets that make a flipbook. Interesting...


From: HdMrs. Salacia the Overseer <seventhsqueal@verniciouskanit.com>

Yes. Nifty.

I used to bronze bibles in art school.

1.you take a second hand bible with lots of character that's been read
and loved and devoutly scoured by a nice whitebread family for

2. you make an air pocket in the middle of said bible by hollowing it
out as if you were one of those beatniks that was hiding marijuana

3. you take Future(tm) brand floor wax and seal the hollowed out pages
shut with several coats letting it dry thoroughly between coats. You
also need to wax the lovingly worn leather bound cover but it doesn't
need as many coats. when you are finished you should have a book that
doesn't open.

4. Add styrofoam cup, wax gate and wax vents by strategically welding
them to the bible.

5. Dip whole thing in slurry and stucco and letting dry completely
between coats until about 3/4" all the way around.

6. IMPORTANT STEP! Put ceramic shelled bible in kiln and fire. remove
shell from kiln every 15 minutes or so and blow out ashes with air
hose to facilitate thorough burning. continue burning and blowing
until shell is completely hollowed out.

7. pour bronze in there while the shell is still hot.

8. crack off shell, and sandblast bronze until the positive is clean

9. saw off vents and gates, grind and chase

10. patina "cover" black

11. polish text on cover with dremel tool to make HOLY BIBLE etc.
shine out in glorious gold

12. polish' page edges' until a beautiful golden luster



From: Cardinal Vertigo <vertigo@alexandria.cc>

You have no idea how cool that is.

"Oh, that Einstein, always skipping lectures... I certainly never
would have thought he could do it."
- Hermann Minkowski, mathematician and one of Einstein's teachers

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