The purest SubGenius I ever met: was Re: Bobbies vs Old Farts

From: nenslo <>
Date: Thu, Apr 8, 2004

"Rev. ErRoR" wrote:
> On "Finding" "Bob" for the first time I realised with a groan "Oh No by
> some freakish accident of birth I am actually one of these people. Help
> me please !"

The purest SubGenius I ever met was at a print shop I worked at once.
His name was Bob, and he was in Sales, though he didn't smoke a pipe,
and he was a big handsome blond guy, always happy and seemed very normal
yet had a genuine respect for weirdos. Somehow the subject of the
Church came up, so I brought pamphlet #1 one day and showed it to him.
He read the whole thing, and brought it back to me and said, "I am a
SubGenius!" And he never again expressed the slightest interest in the
Church or anything related to it. That is where you and I have failed.

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