30:26 mins into HoS 950

From: fenian <fenian@start.ca>
Date: Sat, Jul 10, 2004

Was really really cool (the countdown to X-Min I guess?) time
distortion kicked in at around 4 seconds, and just grew, and grew, and
then...the once immediate cries and howls of anticipation became
increasingly distant and distorted cries and howls of terror and
joy(?), and then an mercilessly instant silence. Fun to pause it right
after the silence kicks in, and listen to nothing for a few more
seconds. I picture the world bleeding into every photoshop effect yet
used, and am filled with an unbearable, titillating, suicide inducing
sense of doom. I'm almost torn between heading to planet x, and
staying right here. I'm a sucker for such drama, even it means staying
in hell! Man, "Bob" would fill the sky, against a backdrop of
multidimensional storms and wind that literally screams in agony.

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