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From: "Rev. V" <revv@vec.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 9, 2004

Tons and tons of 'em... There's a few hundred up there for your viewing

You can get the goods at http://public.fotki.com/gburgyan/subgenius/xd7/


Revs. V & ennie
(aka the pancake people)


From: polar bear <bear@pole.com>

Do you guys actually DO anything at X-day, or do you just run around
taking pictures of each other?



From: Cardinal Vertigo <vertigo@alexandria.cc>

I think they get pretty fucked up; sit in a hot tub; and every now and
then they go find a little privacy and fuck, either alone, paired off,
or in small intimate groups.

That's about it, from what I hear.

"People get the government their behavior deserves. People deserve
better than that."
- Richard M. Stallman


From: revv@vec.com (Rev. V)

polar bear <bear@pole.com> wrote in message news:<100720040051235521%bear@pole.com>...
> Do you guys actually DO anything at X-day, or do you just run around
> taking pictures of each other?
> pb

Point and shoot, that's all there is to it. :-) Just carry around
the camera and if something happens, push the button. Bits are cheap,
take as many pictures as ya want!

Mainly, X-day is a great time to drink! That and make pancakes.

Rev. V


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>

Obviously, everybody sees the Brigadoon-like event through their own
filters. For me X-Day is the WORST POSSIBLE time to drink, and instead
of MAKING pancakes I'd much rather just consume them. For some, it's
the primate fuckery off in the bushes with near-strangers, whereas
that's another part that I avoid (on the rare occasions that I get the
CHANCE to) for some really excellent reasons. For some people, standing
in a swamp stark naked at 7:30 in the morning with hundreds of people
pointing at your nakedness and laughing at you is the ultimate
nightmare, whereas for me it's just another memory of another fun
X-Day, and source of some of the best footage we have for my BIG

Some just talk to each other. INTENTLY. For HOURS. I know this because
I creep around Brushwood every X-Day Drill at night, away from the
light, eavesdropping on conversations. And it's all these kids -- not
drinking, not fucking, not smoking dope, just TALKING OUT all the deep
questions. God and politics. How does one fight the Conspiracy. How
does one survive without one of those soul-killer jobs. Why do nice
girls and boys ignore each other and instead seek desperately to fuck
bad girls and boys instead. Does the third Matrix prove that success
turns people into morons. How can those old guys smoke so much and
still keep talking.

Then there are the ones for whom Brushwood is the ONLY camping they
ever have done and the closest thing to a vacation they get ALL YEAR,
so for them just the blue sky and the dirt and grass is a big thrill.

This is going to sound really nerdy but my favorite part is when some
kid ranter like Carter LeBlanc or Rev. Alex starts cutting loose and I
know I'm getting a good recording of it for Hour of Slack. Or when (as
happened this time) two sets of musicians start jamming together for
the very first time and it JUST *KICKS* and it isn't lost to the
aethers but nabbed on tape. For me, nothing that happens there is
really as real as when you viddy it on the screen. The red red crovvy
is so much redder, if you know what I mean. Also it becomes PRODUCT --
self-propagating PROPAGANDA if used right -- and so the Drill's not
just an expeience that's different in every brain that remembers it,
but leaves a PHYSICAL TRACE, a remnant in DVD or CD form that's
different in every brain that PLAYS it. Also it can be sold. But
seriously, it's the moment when the arteest on stage (or around the
campfire or in the backseat or whatever) really hits its stride and
that collaborative seemingly telepathic (but really just skillful)
THING happens between musicians, or between a ranter's brain and mouth,
or whatever, and that's like the guitar solo that sends chills up our
back. Or like actually being there when the lion by god CHASED AND

Then you figure out ways to put those moments into some kind of order
and duration that'll put them in this cool as hell perspective for the
audience if you do it right -- and the viewer goes "MAN I don't know
what it is about all this but it makes me want to go out and DO MY OWN
THING! If these obviously half-crazy and thoroughly-broke nobodies can
do THIS, then... then I should certainly be able to do... THAT!!! yes,
THAT! That's it! I'll do... THAT!" I've seen it happen again and again,
and that's a payoff.

Of course then there's all the hauling and the bullshit and the aches
and pains and bills and blithering whining fuckwads and so on. Those
MOMENTS of FINE ARTISTIC SPEW however are the MACHETES we use to hew
our way through the bullshit jungle to find our emotional way back to
the Slack FOCUS. Well, for us A-V geeks it's like that anyway.

An example of one of those GREAT MOMENTS that many will remember is
when Rev. Lee Burls came out on stage to recite a poem or sing a little
song she had written. Since she's so KNOCK-DOWN DRAG-OUT GORGEOUS, the
old coots of the excellent band(s) (ACID CORPSE -- The Amino Acids AND
the Swingin' Love Corpses) were too stunned to interfere, so she
started singing solo. But the musicians COULD NOT *NOT* PLAY! So slowly
but surely they one by one started creeping in, accompanying her
singing. Which created a synergy, so that as she got more and more
accompaniment, she'd sing louder and faster and so forth, so that it
quite spontaneously built to quite a beautiful and cosmic unexpected
SONG, indeed a kind of ANTHEM. An amazing, touching interlude right
smack dab in the middle of drivin' 3-note jams and Drummondian
song-rants about booger-picking.

That's what *I'm* really in it for. The booger picking song was real
good too actually.

Ahh, and I have HOURS of Dr. Howll!!! HOURS!!

Another of those great moments for us Recording Angels: Lil's song. She
got the crowd to be the rhythm section and it liked to bring tears to
my eyes, even though there was something distracting me which I can't

Hal's POEM RECITALS!! Holy fucking SHIT! From MEMORY!

Richard Skull unexpectedly dropped a very touching and for-real-like
sermon on us.

And the damn CHRIST BASHING! Some of the one-liners...! Now this is
where I could REALLY put together a FUNNY compressed vignette if I had
the other filmers' videotapes (esp. in DV). I swore I was gonna blow
off editing this shit, just like I swore off editing 6XDay and then
went and edited the living hell out of it, but contemplating what could
be done with that Jesus bashing... there were some VERY freakish
moments there which transcended the frat-boy nature of this GWAR-like,
disgustingly blood-splattered and prolonged stunt. As always happens
when it's SUBGENII doing the stupid frat-boy stunt. The ACTION-PACKED
and INSANE nature of it causes the participants to THINK FAST and it
stimulates them to come up with better bullshit and spouting than they
would normally. Works that way with me anyway.

Anyway I didn't mean to get all mushy... what I started out to say was,
for some of us it's not ALL JUST fucking and hot-tubbing.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)

>Do you guys actually DO anything at X-day, or do you just run around
>taking pictures of each other?

No. we also take lots of Video!

MSHOTZ: The Post Post Modern Man

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