X-Day After Action Report

From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)
Date: Tue, Jul 6, 2004

OK, so I got back last night unloaded everything and sat down to think about

I have this to say....

The Music was great, Dr. Dark once again exceeded expectations with his
Drive-in of the Damned!

But I must admite I was not 100% into X-day this year. Due to family deaths,
war, stupid politicians telling people to fonicate themselves, etc.

The weather was OK for the most part. Nights go Reallllllyy coold!

But the hot tub cured any troubles I had.

To make things a real bummber, The Rab's is hooked up and no linger available
and may soon move to Columbus!

But the BEST thing was the fact that once again Nenslo was not there and Dr.
Howl was.

By day 2, I was feeling badly and spent the rest of the time up to the last day
frequenting the four flushers to commune with "BoB' in the excremediation

I snagged a book from the Buldada auction"leftovers" and found a reciept for
auto parts. The parts listed ahd a alpha-numeric cose to PLU purposes. One for
a wiper blade started with BOB!

A good sign, But once again "BoB' left us standing around at 7 AM waiting for
the Saucers. If I did not know better, I'd almost think that this was all some
sort of "joke" to "parady" other religions by "taking" our money away form us!

The Couple with the little Yeti-pup was one of the highlights of the event. I
realised that since we are all born with "Origanal Slack" to obtain true slack
we need to emulate the ways of the Yeti-pup. So next year we must eat the rocks
off the floor of the paviliian. Yes, the Pup pushed aside th beer bottles and
kept shoving stones into her mouth. Maybe this is why the X-ists did not

The Amino Acids always seem to have technical troubles when ever they play
Brushwood. This could be due to interferance by Conspiracy mind control anal

I had planed to stay until Tuesday, but the great quantities of Rain, plus the
fact that i the ground got any wetter, I would not have been able to get out of
my camp site, lead me to leave monday.

But my GREATEST disappoint emnt was seeing our Lord Jesus have to submit to the
ways of the con to earn large quantities of cash. But since cash is envolved,
we can agree that even if it meant having to cut his hair and shave off his
beard, seperating cash from the CON towards "BoB" was worth it.

The down side is Jesus and Magdelkine moving to Atlanta, where Pinkness not
only rules, it get Pinker. But the con may have shoot itslef in the foot as not
they can ally with Prices Pisces and the other SubGenni to fight the CON in its
own backyard!

Oh, and meeting Magdelne's Dad was cool as well!

He reminds me of George Carlin in a way.

MSHOTZ: The Post Post Modern Man

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