XD7 Debrief

From: "Rich Clark, aka The Left Reverend Egg Plant, ULC, CotSG" <spammers_lie@rrclark.net>
Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2004

We got married!!

Karen and I entirely enjoyed the weekend, though it simply couldn't last
long enough for us.

I wish I had taken more photos and spent more time socializing and what not
but didn't want to leave the bride sittin' at the campsite while I
gallivanted around and smoked all our frop with everyone else but her!

I'll be posting the good photos I got during the crossdresser's ball. I'll
also be working on a panorama shot that I took upon arrival and setup of
our campsite up near the entrance to alt.slack woods.

Special thank yous to Jacques, Doc Frop & SisD, Modemac, Doc Pissoff, Stang
and all the rest of you clowns. Honeymoon! Damn, what a honeymoon.

And I may have finally gotten Karen to realize that she's able to go about
naked at Brushwood without the fear of having someone stare -- though if
they did stare, I wouldn't blame them.

"No, I don't want your money, I just want to compete without Microsoft
terrorizing us and everyone in the PC business who works with us." --
Michael Robertson, Lindows CEO, in email to Gates & Ballmer, 6/2/04
TINLC Unit #2309 - Death to all spammer accounts. - WWSB?

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