XDay Update! Philo's a-comin'!

From: drlegume2001@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, May 28, 2003

Yes, kids, SubGenius Church co-founder and alpha-male Docktor Philo
Drummond, Overman First Degree, will be attending XDay 6, as well as
joining ESO at Club Tiki Banzai, sax in hand and ready to rock yer
asses off!

This will make XDay redefine the term 'Doktorband' as we kick out the
jams and unleash a sonic assault that will make the Earth tremble and
shake. We all need to get together and cut loose, need to dance till
our bodies release that musky Yeti jungle funk that'll draw the
pleasure saucers to us like a dog's nose to a nun's cooter.

Be prepared, bust out yer most comfortable dancin' shoes.

We gonna HOP.

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