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From: EdFred <>
Date: Sat, Sep 20, 2003

"Rev. Ivan Stang" <> wrote:
>EdFred <> wrote:
>> that'll work!
>> BTW..nice editing and effects, quality is really excellent.
>> plays great on WIN DVD
>> its quite refreshing to see more large binary posts in here lately. i
>> know everybody cant get 'em, which really really sucks the big hairy
>> yeti .so its like torture for a subgenius who is modem challenged and
>> cant get something like this for free, but remember alot of us
>> actually PAY for newsservices so we have like a month to get files
>> from binary groups. you can get 'em with some time and a good download
>> manager which can resume downloads, no matter what your modem speed.
>> hell, without the newsgroups i wouldnt even be ON the internet ('cept
>> for of course, and meeting women through chat clients
>> or personal ads).
>I've found that most people don't know what newsgroups are-- and are
>not interested, if it means installing something, or asking their isp
>support a question. Many think Explorer is "The Internet." If they
>click where it says "alt.slack" on SubSITE, and Explorer says "not on
>this service", they say, "I can't get alt.slack."

that can be a good thing that it takes some real want to access and
participate, keeps alot of the morons away...unfortunately not all.
eh...let 'em use this:

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