A Sign of the End Times?

From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)

On the way home from work, I drove by a bank. It digital sign that usually
displays the Time & Temp. was not working.

The Sign's LED like displays were stuck forming the word CON.

Was BoB trying to make contact with me?


Subject: Re: A Sign of the End Times?
From: zosodada@aol.com (Zosodada)

i hope you had a camera


Subject: Re: A Sign of the End Times?
From: "nu-monet v5.0" <nothing@succeeds.com>

It was just the CON declaring ownership.

Now all you have to worry about is if it is
the ownership of the bank, or the ownership

If so, I hope you are both dressed warmly,
have sunscreen, and don't mind being a slave
in an alien death camp 500 parsecs from here
20,000 years ago.

"Do not EVER watch a Rammstein video when
you are fried on Hawaiian mushrooms."
--take my word for it

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