Dear Hour of Slack Technical Advisor

From: (dinosaurbob)
Date: Fri, Jun 13, 2003

Hey, wow, what the frop?

I can't download any Hour of Slack shows from the archive anymore.
What's the deal? Stang, are you trying to force us to *BUY* all these
shows now?

Please help!



From: Joe Cosby <>

Oh heavens, don't try to describe what happens when you try to
download, what error messages you might be seeing, what software you
might have installed recently which might have a bearing on
downloading via HTTP, or for that matter even whether or not you have
a computer at all or are trying to "download" by sitting in a
paperboard box chanting "download download download" in a squeaky
magic voice.

All those pesky TECHNICAL details are somebody ELSE'S problem.

Joe Cosby

"The acid in human urine causes great damage. It sounds like a laughing matter but it really isn't."

- Gert-Christian Jakobzik of the Berlin city senate


From: "David Bachner" <>

Huh? I just uploaded 893, and from here everything seems to be working fine
(24k mp3 and 64k ogg versions only). The 128k mp3 versions are still
unavailable due to some server problems which Prostata told me are
temporary. I'll email him again and see if he has an update.

> What's the deal? Stang, are you trying to force us to *BUY* all these
> shows now?

The deal is:

Stang sends me a CD of the show at his expense, and I volunteer to encode
the show and upload the files at my expense to 2 different servers - space
and bandwidth generously donated by Pan of the Sensory Research Network and
Rev. Prostata Cantata.... So that YOU can download the Hour of Slack for

If one of THREE FREE OPTIONS don't work for you, just try again later or buy
the CD. No one's FORCING you to *BUY* anything. You can spend *YOUR MONEY*
anywhere you please.

> Please help!

Your welcome,


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

It is also true that The Hour of Slack is on a number of actual
broadcasting radio stations, which STREAM the show at set times once a
week (and/or, in the case of WREK, archive them for a week.) Likewise,
the Susie the Floozy SubGenius show is streamed/archived from WREK and
the Puzzling Evidence show is streamed from KPFA plus archived on
Serpent X-s server.

All of these are very clearly linked in the various HoS pages on

In other words, there are somewhere around ten possible ways to hear
The Hour of Slack -- BESIDES actually contributing by purchasing a disk
of MP3s or a a CD now and then. GOD FOR FUCKING BID.

Incidentally, I was wrong about the ogg vorbis files and Quicktime. The
new Quicktime plays them jut like anything else -- CLICK ON THE FILE
and it PLAYS.

I honestly don't think that there is ANY way that we could make this
stuff easier. 4 or 5 different formats, I don't even know HOW many
sources. I guess we could have TEN formats and TEN TIMES as many

But then, we might have to FORCE somebody to PAY for it! $6 a week...
man... the mind boggles.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)

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