I want my Hour of Slack

From: "Randy Porter" <wrporter@iupui.edu>
Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2004

I noticed last week that the Hour's of Slack were on this ogg format, as
apposed to the normal MP3. What's the deal? Can't listen to the Hour of
Slack on my mp3 player. Does this mean I've got to wait for a MP3 CD in a
year or so. Help me

Rev. Randji Portajonni


From: Cardinal Vertigo <jhobbs@myrealbox.com>

My portable mp3 player doesn't understand Ogg Vorbis either. Have no
fear. Fear is the mindkiller, etc.

Go here http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm and get the "dBpowerAMP Music
Converter," which will let you convert ogg to mp3 and back again. It's
free, ad-free, and spyware-free.

"In a way, I see posting to alt.slack as being like pitching duck
food into a pond. The ducks may eat it, or they may miss it and a
fish will eat it, or it may just turn into gooey black muck on the
bottom. In any event, the best thing that will occur is either duck
shit, fish shit, or gooey black muck." -- nu-monet v6.0


From: Christopher Lee <chris.lee@insightbb.com>

I wholeheartedly support this event or product as well.


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>

Quicktime will do it for Mac users, but you need the Ogg Vorbis

A shitload of Hour of Slack gets to me in Ogg Vorbis form originally...
that was all LeMur would post his amazing collages in.

See, Ogg is an open source replacement for the proprietary MP3. It's
actually BETTER as far as file size versus audio quality goes, so is
better for Internet downloading purposes. For playing in the car, yeah,
you'll have to do conversions, OR BUY.

Unless somebody wants to, like, DONATE some, like, SERVER SPACE, and,
like, BANDWIDTH MONEY and etc. What we have going practically IS
donated as it is.

There are 7 or 8 stations streaming the show and archiving it in other
formats like RM.

The show is FREE. Can't make it any MORE free.

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)


From: Cardinal Vertigo <jhobbs@myrealbox.com>

Well, if you could somehow PAY US to listen, then in a sense it'd be
MORE free, mathematically speaking.

(I accept Paypal, personal checks drawn on US banks, money orders, US
dollars, framed art, weird music, buttons, beads, and brightly colored
bits of string.)


From: "Rev. Bachner" <bachner@subgeni.com>

Another way to play the ogg files on a portable player is to convert them
back to wav or aiff. Mac users can use quicktime pro with the ogg vorbis
component, import the ogg file and export as an aiff file. Windows users can
use OggdropXPd to drag and drop the ogg file which decodes into a wav file.
CDex also decodes ogg's into wav's. Now you have a file you can burn to
audio CD or encode to mp3. Some CD burning software already lets you burn
audio CD's directly from ogg.

We had to go ogg because of increasing bandwidth demand that threatens to
cost us more than we can afford. Ogg gives better bang for the bitrate. Most
portable players don't support ogg, but eventually they ALL will. If you're
looking for a new portable player, I recommend the Neuros player
www.neurosaudio.com. It not only supports ogg and mp3 files, but has an FM
tuner AND TRANSMITTER!!! You can play this thing over ANY radio.

Also, Rev Moehare has generously offered to seed bit torrents of the 128k
mp3 files. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but starting with HoS 933,
there should be links to Rev Moehare's bit torrents, for those who can't
live without Fraunhofer & Thomson.



From: Doktor DynaSoar <targeting@OMCL.mil>

"Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com> wrote:
} The show is FREE. Can't make it any MORE free.


You're not selling it anymore?


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgeniusNOSPUM.com>

We sell the radio versions to a dozen stations and 6 individual
subscribers. Those are audio CD and have the FUX and SHITZ removed --
bleeped, buzzed or "Bobbed". We sell CDs of the high quality MP3s, 12
shows to a disk, but those have the cusswords and can't be played on
American legal broadcast radio comfortably (and aren't, far as I can
tell). We sell low quality mono MP3s of the show, 66 to 80 episodes per
disk, but they sound like a car radio. We have always also offered it
free for download in various different formats, all requiring download,
all cuss-filled.

A number of pirate and foreign stations get the show for free that way,
and rebroadcast it.

Currently, to save money, and also, what the heck, why not make the
freeloaders work for their Slack, the downloads from SubSITE are no
longer in stereo OR mono MP3, but only in OGG.

Even if we stopped making the downloads available, the for-real actual
stations that pay for and broadcast the show also stream to the
Internet, and several, like WREK, keep archives for a week.

If one wanted to, one could hear, and download, every week, the
Puzzling Evidence show with Howll, Philo and Puzzling... "Bob's"
Slacktime Funhouse, alternately by Rev. Susie the Floozie or The Lymph
Node Institute, and The Hour of Slack.

Hour of Slack is now being done somewhat differently than in 2003.
Every couple of weeks Dave, Wei and I go to the actual station, and I
engineer an all-live show that's mostly yak and Spout. Only the WCSB
audience hears these as-is, because I cut them up and intersperse them
with prerecorded stuff, mostly original stuff by other SubGenii that
they deposit on alt.binaries.slack or mail me.

If you download everything on alt.binaries.slack, you can generally
hear Hour of Slack a couple of weeks ahead of time, before it's
produced, but in bits and pieces. For instance, I've already pared down
and posted last Sunday's live bits. We were being hard on the Jesus
movie. I read some posts from a.s. Those will probably recombine with
other stuff now on a.b.s. and monter-movies (like Warner Bros. cartoons
soundtracks) into future shows.

There is a show that's on WCSB FOLLOWING Hour of Slack on Sunday nights
called Radio Synesthesia, also hosted by a dues paying,
X-Day-Drill-going SUbGenius, Dr. Sinister. When he's taking calls, Dave
and I sometimes call in and blather with his other callers -- WHO ARE
Sometimes funny lines from the IRC spouting get repeated vocally on the
radio (and then recycled from there).

So for some time now I have been assembling audio shows for Internet
and broadcast, which are composed of words from alt.slack newsgroup
texts, words and callers from IRC live online chat, live telephone on
the radio, live blather on the radio from the studio, prerecorded music
and collages often remixed FROM THOSE SAME SOURCES, and anything else
on the Internet -- like pirate copies of just-released movies -- so, I
guess it's about as multimedia and as it could possibly be. It's also
interactive, but interactive in slow-motion -- what you contribute now
might not show up for weeks.

The one thing we DON'T use muchof is songs by bands whose albums are in
stores. In other words, the one thing that almost everybody else on the
all radio shows DOES do, we DON'T do. Once every couple of shows I
might run an entire song that's something you could buy at a store. And
even then, I try to stick with bands that we have had some kind of
personal contact with.

You may notice that I don't run much Zappa, Firesign Theater or Captain
Beefheart. That's because I assume that every SubGenius already has
copies of everything those worthies ever did. We did run some very rare
old Firesign Theater commercials for "Bob's Slacks" recently.

This isn't Doctor Demento.


From: "nikolai kingsley" <nikolai@broadway.net.au>

> We sell the radio versions to a dozen stations and 6 individual
> subscribers. Those are audio CD and have the FUX and SHITZ removed --
> bleeped, buzzed or "Bobbed".

i think we need to send someone back in time and have this instituted as an
industry standard; whenever someone says something that needs to be bleeped,
it could be "Bobbed" instead.

"Perhaps she's visiting her sister."
"Does Nell have a sister?"
"No, but she's a strange girl."
- Dudley Do-Right

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