Warned at Work Pt. 2 or Dear SG revenge expert

From: nenslo <nenslo@yahooX.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 12, 2003

Having let this thread run for a while, I am now prepared to give the
only sensible and truly rational advice to appear in it. I understand
that you will find it completely useless, and probably aggravating.

Being normal is its own punishment. Attempting to avenge oneself on
people because they are successful at being normal, and you are not,
is futile. They will continue to be successfully normal no matter how
much temporary inconvenience you may cause them. Normal people can do
the same thing over and over indefinitely, and changes only confuse
them. Anything which confuses them is eliminated and forgotten as
quickly as possible. If you wish to succeed in working with normal
people you must learn to act like them, and it appears that is not of
interest to you. "The best revenge is to live well," they say, and
living well includes being master of one's life and thoughts. If you
are enmeshed in ruminations upon vengeance, or act upon such thoughts,
you will be reacting to people who don't even know they have done
anything to you and would not understand your vengeance. From the
original statement, it appears you have chosen to find work in
environments which cater to normal people. You are an abnormal person
so it is only natural that you should not thrive. Your wisest move,
if you choose to continue to live in a way which requires you to be an
employee, is to seek employment in an occupation or environment which
permits you to be abnormal. This will require you to devote some
thought and effort to the matter, and I suggest you divert to this end
the energy you would otherwise have squandered on pointless cruelty to

The truly sensible and intelligent thing to do, however, would be to
repent, quit your job, and slack off. This will require you to stop
living like the people you despise and find a new direction for your
life. Most people have just enough "normal" in them to fear and shun
such action. They prefer to keep doing the same things which have
caused them to be miserable for years, and multiply their misery by
becoming drunks.


From: "Elf Kicker" <kickr_of_elves@hotmail.com>

I don't consider your advice useless or aggravating at all.

Until I move from here I may unfortunately need to deal with these types of
jobs, as frankly there are no audio engineering/live sound gigs (my main
skills). The reason I came here in the first place is to get to know my
brother and his family.

I have always felt that people like her will fuck themselves in the long run
far more creatively and severely than I can. Finding ways to do it safely
myself has been rather fun, though...

I got fired Tuesday before I could give my notice. Now I can watch the
Canadian GP Qualifying and LeMans live...


Subject: Re: Warned at Work Pt. 2 or Dear SG revenge expert
From: hellpopehuey@subgenius.com (HellPopeHuey)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jun 12, 2003 9:40 PM
Message-ID: <8cc8cffc.0306121840.504b479d@posting.google.com>

Yes. I have just ONE little nagging "revenge" quasi-obsession
rolling, but its real weight lies in the fact that its clung to me
this long at all. This annoys me, as I have other things to do and
thought I was further along. My ex sagely points out that a lack of
DISPLACEMENT gives such things a life they never deserved in the first
$#@! place. Gurls are SMART, they shop S-Mart. The more I DO, the less
it MATTERS. Ah, so.

I took some tangible revenge once, long ago and learned my lesson, as
it had no real effect on my imagined tormentors and instead merely
clogged up a process for the uninvolved. Besides, the main 2 assholes,
respectively~ 1) lost her job 6 months later due to the behavior that
boned me in the first place and 2) the other one lost his HOME in a
scam he perpetuated on the wrong person, who was savvy enough to sue
him down to his pyloric valve.

a right BASTARD too, but he is right. I would not drink an expresso he
made until I saw HIM taste it first, though.


HellPope Huey @ hellpopehuey@subgenius.com, C57-D/ae-35/999
Gimme that old-time derision

"We will crush you and smother your dreams.
Yours In Christ, the Cavalry Kids."
- "The Simpsons"

"Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day;
give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying
for a fish."
- Unknown


From: Mammy <mammy@NOSPAM-toast.net>

There really is a Conspiracy of Normals. You are one of those
Normals... in fact, you are the ONLY Normal who is conspiring against
you. That particular Normal, you, is the only one that you really have
to "defeat." The rest of the Normals can be sidestepped. But you cannot
sidestep the Pink Boy inside your skull. You MUST become the boss of
that Pink, or it will be the boss of you.

You might fail on your first few dozen attempts. Never stop trying. The
attempt is everything.

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