Vehicle A/C Freon Question

From: (Rev. Sternodox)
Date: Fri, Jul 18, 2003

I would like to take this opportunity to ask a question of any new
alt.slack readers to the fold and express my hope that those newly
acquainted with the newsgroup aren't as TOTALLY FUCKED UP as the fucking
ASSHOLES who have been spreading their vile, malodorous noxia throughout
this newgroup for the past decade or so. But I'll bet even you NEW
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You are ALL about the most shit-up-your-dick STUPID FUCKING MORONS I've
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fuck yourselves up by bending around backwards so you can BUTTFUCK the
goddam EXIT WOUND that was created by your unflinching idiocy you
WHISTLE-DICKED pecker-ho's. Your very diseased RECTUMS are the only abodes
suitable for you FUCKING SHIT-FUCKERS and I'm absolutely CERTAIN that each
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you dumb shits are about the most IREDEEMINGLY sperm-pussied fucking
CUNT-HEADS to ever shake a pencil-sized COCK at a buttfucked Barbie Doll,
you know that? You people are so incredibly fucking FUCKED UP and
shit-eating that I wouldn't be a bit surprised to discover that you all
actually EXIST on fucking maggot-ridden SHIT alone! You fucking TURD PAN
STUFFERS are going to fucking SERIOUSLY REGRET the day you thought you
were gonna be a fucking HIGH SCHOOL LAWYER and post to alt.slack. Yup, I'm
coming over NEXT WEEK and I'm going to FUCK YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS UP so
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URETHRAS! How you gonna look with fucking barbed wire hanging out your
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fucking PECKERS and PUSSIES you camel testicle gobbling fucking SHIT
FUCKERS. I don't doubt for fucking TWENTY FIVE SECONDS that each and every
one of you fucking alt.slack.buttsuckers spends at LEAST ninety percent of
your fucking lifetimes with corn- and worm-bespecked SHIT just laying in
your mouths and on your fucking TONGUES. You all just stand around, day
after day, with a fucking LOAD of SHIT in your mouths, sucking a little
bit of it in here and a little bit there until you've fucking SWALLOWED
all the shit and then you search around for some MORE fucking SHIT and you
put THAT in your fucking herpes-infected mouths before jacking off a
fucking BURRO and then swallowing its cum all mixed with fucking SHIT!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are FUCKED UP!!!!!!!! Do you fucking HEAR ME??!!
You people fucking SUCK! And I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY fucking SUCK!!!
Rush Limbaugh's DICK is in your fucking MOUTHS every twenty minutes for
fucking EONS you DICKLESS fucking TREVINO fans! If I had a 20 gallon
syringe filled to overflowing with the runniest shit drizzles from the
most INFECTED fucking RETARD in the world, I would IMMEDIATELY inject it
into your fucking asshole's dick's PUSSY, you maggot felching NORMALS! You
are all fucking NORMAL to the fucking PINK INFINITY DEGREE and I hate your
fucking GUTS you goddam cocksucking motherfucking BASTARDS!!!!!!! I'm
going to fucking ARC-WELD a goddam PLUMBER's CRACK to your FACES and then
piss up your fucking noses in about half an hour so get ready you ASSHOLE
SNIFFING, rectum hugging FUCKS!!!! GO DIE you malignant pud pounders after
you answer my fucking question you fucking ASSHOLES! Question: My truck is
overheating a bit and I was wondering how one tells whether the freon is
low or not and if I can actually use OLD freon instead of that new shit
that doesn't really work all that well, you mal-adjusted fucking FUCK


Rev. Sternodox


From: "Blackout" <>

dude, like go with R-134 because that R-12 is real bad for the ozone


From: "Blackout" <>

or you can buy a fucking freon pressure gauge you simple simon no brains out
of freon dildo licking sack of dog dick pus but I'd guess that when you try
and actually use the thing you're going to poke at least one of your droopy
eyes out becuase it's going to involve actually screwing the fucking thing
to a little threaded thing and it's pretty fucking complicated for slack
jawed hillbillies.

the only way you are going to get old style ozone killer freon is to either
suck off your feta cheese smeared crotch local mechanic which I'm sure you'd
enjoy anyway or pay him like $75.00 a pound to fill it for you which is a
lot of gopher pelt money that you won't get to buy SKOAL with or you could
go to fucking R-12 freon mechanic school and pass which isn't going to
happen in
years even if you actually tried which you won't.

the next time you're glory holin' at wal mart take yourself a break and
mosey over to the auto-motive section and buy yerself one uh dem dere AIR
CONDITIONER REFILL KITS for $34 and pump that truck full of something other
than hillfolk jizzum so your 4 one blue eyed dogs can ride into town in
style again.

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