'Bob's Bra and Panties' Show ErRoR Report


From: "Rev. ErRoR" <error@priest.SPAMcom>
Date: Fri, May 21, 2004

It's a long one......

'Bob's Bra and Panties'

ErRoR Report

Saturday 15th May at The Foundry, London

Pope Black's Birthday Bobathon (Transcribed from hazy recollections
and just plain made up stuff)

Pope Black in his shiny new Papal outfit took to the stage and made a
popeish announcement. "I am the only Pope in the world to give out
condoms" He said frisbeeing some shiny foil wrapped jolly bags into the
excited (and eccentric) crowd. "Not only that, but I am the only Pope
in the world to give out USED condoms" and reaching into a glass he
flung soiled prophylactics into the now repulsed crowd (I think it was
moo milk not man milk). "Not only that" he hollered "I'm the only Pope
in the world to EAT used condoms" and he dangled one of the filthy
funbags in his mouth !

Rev. Nobby Styles tutored us in the ways of righteousness and
dobbfullness spreading the word. Then someone let Charlie of the
Fighting cocks sound system play his records. Amongst other things he
got Lawrence of Arabia in there which pleased us geeks but confused the
young and feckless (Which was probably the point). He also taught me
how to disarm someone wielding a pistol in 14 easy steps (although he
made it look like 1) useful info for the end times. Carl X then took to
the microbe phone and tickled a high proportion of ribs with his Dobbs
chat (as well as lamenting about running out of Mecca Cola). Then by
Jingo by Jove someone let Leeeevil play silly buggers on stage and good
gracious if the man hadn't grown himself a beard. Some musical penile
manipulation did occur but fortunately I'd nipped off to the loo while
this happened so I missed it.

Pope Black whipped the crowd into a heady froth with his foaming
hellfire preaching, delivering an oldie but goodie (though new to me)
about Ken doll mall zombies. (He told me where he got it from but I
forget) . Matt got up and gave it some for the Dobbshead massive,
beaming his highly focused slack laser into the crowd. He would of
scared the children if there were any there (Someone has to)! Then his
lowness Pope Black continued the fervour with a ceremonious head
launching (Well head kicking as I was too lazy to take the 9 iron)
accompanied by 2 of the sexiest terrorists in the whole wide world ever
ever. 7 years of good sex was sent and 7 years of good sex was
received. (If anyone is interested in 7 minutes of average sex I'm
available for weddings parties but not bar mitzvah's).

Then our regular slot (coz it's ace) Karaoke Dominatrix. Spankee's : Me
(With badger mask), Mickey Finn and Birthday boy Black. Spankers :
Médiateur de Plastique, Frau Sexy and Johnny of the Stud Bunnies. Much
whacking of arses ensued and looking at the 3 of us it must of been
like hitting the side of a barn. A big bad birthday bum barn. The
rapturous music was "Living on a prayer" by Bum Jovi. It was a special
moment as the 3 of us tried to squeeze round a little table in order to
receive what we so richly deserved. I managed to keep my pants on coz
it's private ! Pope Black had his papal pee pee tucked away this time
but his bare ass got a nice thwacking. I dunno what happened to the
Finn arse I was too busy gettin down to Livin on a prayer.

After the spankathon Pope Black delivered sacred whisky healing's which
the sordid photo's will reveal that like all good priests the choir
must receive holy communion ON THEIR KNEE'S. By the miracle of
transdobbification the whisky magically turned into divine yellow water
a bit later on.

Then a religious procession ensued as Britisch pigdog licensing "Laws"
meant we had to clear out and go to another pub. Said alehouse was
Charlie Wrights and Pope Black and Rev ContraDiction rode in regal
style on a bicycle rickshaw configuration through the streets of
London. Arriving in truly royal fashion and decked out in 100% papal
garb he seemed to scare the shit out of Charlie Wrights bouncer who
nearly made a run for it (might be something to do with frisking a

Memorable moments at Charlie Wrights : Leeeevil's Mum hitting on erm,
just about everyone, Black's Birthday bumps, Stud Bunny impromptu
spankings and a piece of Piss getting in the DJ booth. For those of you
conscious enough you might of noticed that most (if not all) the nights
music had a quasi-religious (always wanted to say that) theme: "Like a
prayer", "Living on prayer", "Say a little prayer", "Praise you" etc.

Well it were fanfuckintastic as ever and I had a big happy grin on my
face just like these people: Mark Pawson (seen selling goodies), Rev
ContraDiction (seen eating and eating and eating and squeaking and
collecting Church funds), Rev Circlemaker (seen filming and saving our
forgetful asses), Rev Kev and the Piss crew (seen DJing and
distributing), Åsa and Gaby (Seen Badgering people), Claire (Seen
providing Dominatrix utensils), Rev Priest (seen Drinking). Mystery cow
person with condoms on the udders (seen puking). Jonathan, Tracey and
the Foundry staff (Seen providing refreshment, radio and a safe place
to play), Suzanne (Bunyip ?) and Carl X (Seen flying on a White Horse),
The Fighting Cocks Posse (Seen poppin caps in people's asses), The Stud
Bunnies (Seen loitering with intent and a steel ruler) and all those
other lovely people who I've never met/forgotten/met and then forgotten
and an extra wink for the "Special" people on 'Bob's' guest list.

From the Pew of Rev ErRoR (Espira made me do it)

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