2nd Frop Cup Amsterdam Nov 21-28

From: popeblack@hotmail.com (popeblack)
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2003

Dear Yeti,

It's a DONE DEAL! The 2nd Frop Cup Devival will be at the BAD CUYP in
Amsterdam Saturday November 22nd at 22:00 (10pm). Entry 6 Euros. If you
are interested in going and want to be in the advertisments the please email
me at popeblack@hotmail.com.

Also, there is the possibility for us to have dinner at the Bad Cuyp before
the show, but we need to make a reservation well in advance.

On the list of activities.....

Friday Nov. 21st Arrive in Amsterdam and meet at the Grey Area Coffee Shop
at 16:00 (4pm)to start the Frop cup activities and get your Frop Cup Judges
Pass. Judges Passes are ONLY available for card carrying SubGenius ministers
and are FREE!

Saturday Nov.22nd. 2nd SubGenius Frop Cup at the Bad Cuyp Albert Cuyp Straat

Sunday Nov. 23rd....Pope Micky Finn's Reqium Mass. At the LOSS of our
beloved brother Finn, I thought it only be fitting to give him the FUNERAL
he deserves. This will be a travelling procession that will visit many
establishments of ill repute and alcoholism.

Mon. Nov.24th.... Frop Day...This needs no explanation.

Tue. Nov. 25th..... The SubGenius World ConGrass at the Cafe de Pipe Van Der
Helst Plain Amsterdam. This starts at 21:00 (9pm) and is the first
INTERNATIONAL SubGenius gathering open to all Subgenii in the universe.

Wed. Nov. 26th.....Frop Day.

Thursday Nov. 27th.....Frop Cup Awards Ceremony..... Whos the best???...You
be the JUDGE.......Cerimony location TBA....

If you need and sleeping arrangments, hotel, or info please feel free to
ConTact me and I'll help you sort something out. Hope to see you ALL

Pope David Lee Black

The NEW EUROPEAN SUBGENIUS WEBPAGE http://eurosubs.subnet.dk

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