Annual Thanks & Praise List From X-Day 6!

From: Sister Decadence <>
Date: Thu, Jul 24, 2003


#Subgenius: Exmortus, 2Beans, 808, Kentucky Trio, Lady Diana, Sifu,
Lord Sloth, et. al. - for being there before us, hence giving us
Subgenii to party with immediately! Fuck instant karma, that's Instant

RevBro VT - For breaking his X-Day cherry & many FINE meals. Food
Slack is my favorite! Man, I never expected to have couscous, hummus
w/pita bread, feta & olives as well as mushroom stroganoff at X-Day!)

Pastor Pressure & Wife - For feeding many of us repeatedly....more
Food Slack! Man, that salmon! And the cheese tortellini soup & donuts
& fried turkey! Woo! Also, for the Annual Dispensing of Nerds!

Rev. Goddess Ennie & Rev. V - More Food Slack! I got to share in the
pancake breakfast this year and it was just as delicious tasting as
Ennie looks.

Rev. Chuk Roast - For sharing jerked chicken. Too spicy for me to eat
but I kept nibbling others' chicken just for that incredible flavor!

Pagan Jacqi - A non-Subgenius pagan woman who was our neighbor...and
such a friendly neighbor too! Fred Rogers would have been proud of
her, offering up strawberries from her delectable cleavage for Doc
Frop and myself.

Linda - The Pagan crow woman for always being SO friendly and for
offering me a stitch in time. It didn't save nine but it fixed my
vinyl dress!

Chris Li & Keyth - For representing Quijibo when others BLEW OFF
X-DAY! Now we know who the true blue Quijiboiz are! (Yeah! I'm callin'
the rest of you boys out! I'll see YOU in September!)

Hellena Handbasket & Saint N - For awesome-sexy costumes, movies and
having enough Slack to not play, even if we WANTED to hear them.

Dr. Topper - For smiling ALL the time (okay, it's kinda creepy really,
but I like it!) and for bringing The Flooze.

Suzy the Floozie - For humping an Amino Acid! 'Nuff said!!

Lupus Yonderboy, Exmortus & Whoever Else is responsible - For SUBG TV!
"Go get the round squeezy thing! Go get it!"

Dr. Dark - As always, for his rockin' drive-in and for being the
Keeper of the Egg.

DJ Shaver - For Or Kill ME Radio & for turning into Groucho Marx right
before my eyes! Groucho makes me HOT!

Ed & Kathy Strange - For alcohol service, Gold BOnd Powder, movies &
gatherings, her silver & black corset & especially for housing me in
the yurt during the now-infamous downpour!

The fire builders - For once again making & tending a fire for us, the
"other side" and for pulling Banjobob out of the way of the falling,
burning ikon.

Frank & Darlene Barney - For hosting us every year & still actually
LIKING us! They've just got "Bob" in their hearts.

Pater Nostril - For making food every year at thge potluck & for
generally being a very dear friend. I didn't spend enough time with
you this year.

Philo Drummond & G. Gordon Gordon - For actually showing up! Was
really great to have you guys there.
(Anti-thanks to Codini and Byron Werner eho did not! You fuckers.)

Carter LeBlanc - Also for showing up & because you just have the

Joy D'Veeve & Rev. Lynx - For the Minbari costume (I'm still
masturbating over it!) & a belly dance (okay, that too)! You ladies
are fab neighbors. Oh yeah, and for Joy, who truly gets into the idea
of being "skyclad".

Skully & Kitty - For making it all the way there on Sunday despite
Supreme Anti-Slack & not turning back for home. You guys rocked!

Drummer Bob - For drumming to that jammin' Latino groove. I was ALL
about dancing that night and you guys really made it good for me.
Was it good for you?

Raven - For your drumming too, O my Brother.

Chas Smith, King of Tranquility - For offering up T-Base for parties,
for playing even after the storm sent people away & for doing Doc Frop
& I that HUGE favor so we could get to Brushwood & have our stuff be
there. You ROCK, man, Naughty Blessings to you.

Everyone at the alien ball who dressed up - For, well, dressing up!
You all looked great and I just enjoy costumes SO! Complete
entertainment for me, thanks!

Anyone Who Saw or Aided My Skin - One, for living through it and not
grossing out (!) and two for helping me with powders and love and
such. Even if you grossed out, none of you did it out loud. *grin*

Rev. Amph - For saying, "If you can't be red & lumpy at an alien
ball, where CAN you be?" You were completely my
SHORDURPERSAV at that moment. And congrats on the upcoming

Everyone Who Hung Out at Our Site - For supplying and/or smoking
'frop & generally providing a comfortable home atmosphere. I like that
our site is apparently comfy for people. And I'm glad when you guys
don't mind me throwing everyone out for a nap or temporary quiet!
Homey, it's homey. Ahhhhhh.

Joe from A.C.E. - For providing the site with colorful blinking lights
& a cool vibe. He's a great guy & was very generous with our
sharing their site.

Devolver, Leyaun & Pickles - For being Subgenii one NEVER gets
tired of. (Right, Devo?) For hanging out at our place, for being
fabulous & gorgeous, for feeding us (damn fine, Pickles!) & for
SERIOUSLY helping us pack up our stuff. Even after working in
the sun with yours you totally helped out. You guys are the
absolute BEST!

Rev. BobWild & Nickie Deathchick - For being the Party Couple!
I hope you didn't....go....too....far! Love you woman...come down
here & visit!

Rev. Stang - For a truly inspiring rant, for housing us AND all our
stuff (you sweet thang, you!) and for just being that Sacred Scribe.
If it weren't for YOU, baby......we'd all stay at home.

Princess Wei - For also housing us & our stuff (duh!), for letting me
hear you sing & meet your ladies, for graciousness, generosity, beauty
& light.

Amino Acids (Rev. Angry Larry & Co.) - For Slack Barter & ROCKING
OUT!! Man, that was fun!!!

Revs. John & Jim - For offering me that "special something". Twice!

Lady Diana & Sifu - For Froppage Supreme, sharp wit, good stories,
dinner & breakfast dates & campsite companionship! It was truly
delightful...delicious....delovely, even!

The Brushwood Staff - For all their hard work and for banning "The

All the New York Boys - For having SO MUCH SLACK! You guys party well
& I'm always delighted to be in your company.

Susi Legume - For showing up this year! Also for plum wine, NOT
needing drugs & dancing to the music in her head.

Dr. K'Taden Legume - For taking care of himself, harmonic blowin', for
NOT taking care of himself & for being JUST the right size for

Zosodada - For a groovy CD & for not being B.D. (You know who I

Bob Diddley - For another groovy CD &for bringing his friend & her

Doc Frop - For lighting a Divine Hate Fire under everyone he meets,
for teabagging humor that just WON'T go away, for finding me cranberry
juice & for always giving me that big pipe of his! I love you.

Here's to next year, Brothers & Sisters.

Sister Decadence

"A spirit passed before me:
I beheld the face of immortality
- Lord Byron

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