Subject: Cleveland Devival Report

From: "Merryiad Rode" <>

The trip out was pretty uneventful-it's old familiar territory now that
we've been out so many times!
'Made the usual pitstops and rolled into Cleveland around 3:30ish. Tried
to get a room at the Holiday near Browns Stadium. When we got to our room,
someone was already in it! The people in our room had been given another
room and when they went to*their* room, someone was already in it! So we
went to the Marriott, which was a nice place.

Nothing exciting after that, except for some major crashing. 'Then ate
supper downstairs in the hotel dining room and then off to the devival!!!

In spite of yetikin not being very vocal about coming to this devival, there
was a good turnout. The Beachland was in a poorer neighborhood but it was a
good place for a devival. There was a band playing in the other half of the
building also, which carried over now and then. . .but of course the
subgenius noise makes up for any interferring pink noise!

Princess Wei greeted everyone by taking their pictures which later turned up
on the big screen onstage. Stang had many fine rants and was the main ranter
for the night. It was a good show-the screen was busy with all kinds of
stuff Stang put together. It was great! I guess we'll definitely be seeing
more of this stuff, especially since Stang really enjoys doing it.

Lonesome Cowboy Dave sang with guitar(*not* his uke) and two lovely lady
backup singers. Chazz's band played a variety of stuff which was as good
as it always is. There's no way that band doesn't rock! A few ranters from
the crowd got up and spewed but Pisces' rant on Connie and penises was a
prime rant. Rev. Carter also had a good rant and the Amino Acids jumped around
the stage a bit and livened it! There were some pretty cool newer subgenii
present also.

Yetikin included Pater Nostril, Enni & Vee, Chris Lee, Steve Cynic, Joy & Prostata,
Legume, Jacques Treatment, Pisces, Ed Strange, Dr. Dark, Rev. Carter Leblanc &
some of the Harrisburg contingency, Amino Acids folks, MisterBlister(sp!). . . .I
know I'm missing some. When I look at the pictures again, I'll post those who
I've missed in this msg. Apologies-I'm still a bit foggy from the long haul
back and I haven't intentionally missed anyone. Maybe someone else out there
in non-computerland can fill in some of the blank spots for me!

After the official gig, a number of us went back to Stang & Wei's til about 4 am.
Then back to the hotel to crash for a few hours, eat breakfast and head for home.
Of course, thanks to BarberAlien Navigations, we headed the wrong direction on Rt 90
and wasted about an hour of drive time. After turning around, it was a piece of cake.

Pissoff snoozed most of the way and we made our usual pitstops again. Got home around
8pm. We hit rain and some fog on the way back-saw a bit of snow on the way there. When
we get the pics uploaded, we'll post them.

Sorry BanjoBob missed it-the trip out was quieter fer sher and we didn't have an underwear
mascot to pick on. ;)

So that's my report, as much as I can remember at this moment and in this amount of
brainfog. It was a good devival!!!!! Many thanks to those who organized it.



From: Diane <>

Damn, seems I missed a good one. Was planning on going until my back went out...still
out, too. I could use some serious pain meds if anyone wants to send me some. wahhhhhh!!

Layzee Susan


From: "Rev. Dead Corpse" <>

I'm jealous. I can work up a good head of steam for the Hate Machine... but the ranting
all sounds like the Chipmunks Christmas special played at 12 RPM.


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